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: Ftf, I'm an incoming college student, and I've never owned a smartphone. The main things I search for in a phone is durability, a good camera, good memory, good RAM, good for sounds/music, okay internet, okay apps (basically for news and only a bit of entertainment), okay Office-like apps, good battery and user friendliness.

All that said, I've read and watched... almost all reviews for NL520 online? :)) I just want to know if:
a) you recommend another model/OS that fits my needs,
b) there are some things reviews leave out that are, to your opinion, important, and if
c) the phone is worth my money and effort.

If it's not so obvious, I'm not so tech savvy. I don't need games or really cool apps or even do I need to check every social networking site 24/7. I'm new to all this Windows Phone/Smartphone stuff, so I highly appreciate it if you took this seriously.

Thank you so much! :)

Oh, is creating a Windows/Nokia account and syncing it to the phone a hassle as it looks? User friendliness pls.

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: You can get the Nokia Lumia 520 or if better, Nokia Lumia 820.
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