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: They text me random as if they were in mid conversation.
Here are some of them 9565777295,+19569903687,+19564660908.
And some other ones.
Why would several different numbers suddenly start texting me? And keep talking as if we were talking?

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: do you have something posted on craigslist? sometimes scammers will text you from wierd numbers and such.. or your phone is just weird and gets texts from people you used to talk to but you stopped talking to because they never replied but really they did... best of luck
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: it's scammers dude. I see it all the time on the news. Might have had that problem myself but I never responded.
(don't ever call those numbers)
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: Someone could have possibly wrote your number down in public somewhere. I also have had the same problem in the past, I was having these people calling me and asking for a Bryan, saying it was that persons aunt or cousin or grandparent, and I would always say they have the wrong number, and at first it was like they thought I was messing with them. Then after a few more times calling me and the fact that everytime I kept saying it was the wrong number, eventually it stopped. So I would recommend you do the same until it stops.
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