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Here is my first build. Please don't be mean if I have something wrong. As I have said this is my first gaming build. Also, feel free to change parts if you think it is necessary and how long do you think this build will last before I need to upgrade the components in order to keep up with new games coming out in the future. Thanks in advance!
Here is the new link. Sorry for the wrong link.
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: I've got an amd fx 6300 and it gets the job done, I would stay clear of acer products. I also have the same case so everything should fit fine as the r9 270x is similar to what i used to have for the gpu.
Only problem i see is you may want to get a 750 watt psu in case you want to ever get a better gpu or even crossfire/sli 600 watts might not be enough.
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: If money wasn't an issue hehehehehe
Found out why we can't see yours. The link to show is under the logo of the least that's the case with the mobile version. Let us know when you've copied the link so that we can evaluate

EDIT: Ok thanks. From what you have shown us you're set in terms of cards and CPU but here I've made some changes
I added a better mobo due to the price/performance ratio. Changed the PSU to a 750w and this time its gold certified so less energy wasted and bills should go down due to better efficiency. Changed the monitor to an Asus one since I know that the company is reliable even for cheap things. Now games use about 2 cores in single player and 4,6 or more in multiplayer. Since you have a good card and a hexa core you should be fine till 2017/2018. At this point its time for a new motherboard that works with the new series of CPUs, a bigger hard drive, a solid state drive and a new card. Doing these changes will allow you to keep up with the flagship games of the time without stutters and lag. In fact, I'd recommend a SSD now to save you the hassle in the future. An SSD allows for faster boot times and apparently makes a computer more efficient than without. Good news for gaming. Good job though
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: We cannot see the items you have selected.
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