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: im 36 live on my own in a small council flat, i suffer mental health problems, live on welfare...on a low income and i own very few material things.......about 10 books, an old custom built desktop computer still running windows xp , a few sets of clothing , a few t shirts , a few pairs of footwear , a windows 7 laptop, an old playstation 2, an old gamecube with a couple of games......and that is it.

i often feel depressed because compared to many people, i realize i own nothing, nothing at all.

in a society full of illusion and people owning many material things , the media promoting the ownership of lots of material things.

how do you cope and be happy? when you own virtually nothing ?
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: Yours is a complicated question, but just for the material things I agree with Jan409 and would try to find more interesting people to compare and identify with!

One solution btw for lack of material things is just to learn to make your own things (useful things, decorative things, etc), or to "upcycle" materials, etc, that you can get for free or cheap. Doing that's more fulfilling and interesting than just buying things anyway. (And btw, video games don't usually really make people feel fulfilled--they're just distractions that fill the hours.)

Check out some of these links for ideas and how-to's:
(this first one has loads of people who can give you a sense of community too--free to join btw) (there are many sub-forums under those main forums too)
...You can also do more specific searches using the following words at google, yahoo, or bing .com:
upcycling clothing
upcycling furniture
upcycling projects
.....or upcycling anything.
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: Material possessions is not the route to happiness, ever
Good health, good friends, family and a sense of self worth is what brings happiness
I own a computer , a laptop, and an ancient basic mobile phone and that suits me just fine
I don't play games, so have no need for the machines you mention
If you have food and a roof over your head, it is more than millions of others in this world have
There are always, and always will be, people worse off then you,
All you have to do is look at the war torn countries, the countries where lots live on the streets with no basic health care or sanitation, and the countries where people are not safe and that's when you realise what you have is a lot, compared to millions of others
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: What that guy said ^^^ :D
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