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: processor: AMD tvrion 9tm0 64X2 mobile Technology TL-64 and 2.0GHz

RAM: 3.00

system type: 32-bit operating system, X64-based processor

is it ok to play games i want to pay games like blacklight retribution, TF2, BF3 and far cry 3 how would it be able to run those games will it be able to run them
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: Not enough information.
Brand, model, graphics adapter, are all integral in making such a determination.

However, I have to ask you, what makes you think that a laptop with a 7 year old processor would perform decently with games today? That processor wouldn't have made a good gaming processor when it was released in 2007 let alone today.
Basic gaming laptops start @ $750.
Ok gaming laptops are $1K. Good gaming laptops are $1250, and great gaming laptops start at $1500 and go up a long ways from there.

You can get a cheap laptop.
You can build an *INEXPENSIVE* desktop computer (but not cheap) for gaming.
But *cheap* *gaming* and *laptop* are mutually exclusive terms. When it comes to computers, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap computer you need to expect that it is an old-tired plow horse not a thoroghbred racer.

The single best value I have seen in gaming laptops in recent times is the Lenovo Y510p with dual 755M graphics adapters. (If your Y510p has a DVD drive you do NOT have the dual graphics). Lenovo currently has one with the dual 755 graphics for $1199. You can get the same machine with 16 gigs of RAM at Microcenter right now for $1000 (my microcenter locally even has one on closeout for $899. If I could afford it and was in the market for a gaming laptop, I would have purchased it today.)
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