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: I few years back I went all out on a laptop, but it's getting old and I am wondering If I can switch out some parts to boost it some more instead a paying a few grand for a new one. I have always been an avid video game players. At the time I was going to a technical school to get the required certification's in networking (long story short it didn't work out) But before that when I was ordering a new computer with the idea of having the capabilities for games and school. (VM-ware, Programming, Video editing, Graphic design...) So I needed something powerful and mobile.

So it's specs are:
CPU- Intel i7 3840QM 2.8GHz
Graphics- GeForce GTXm 670 1.5 Gb x2 in SLI
Memory- Intel 128 Gb Solid State x2 Raid 0 256 Gb
Ram- 16 Gb 1866 MHz

So I am wondering can any of these parts be replaced? particularly the cpu (for it's price its a terrible value that I should have done my home work on. My graphics cards I like and are a good value they are just a bit dated and in general I prefer ATI over Nvidia
Also my bench marks are telling me both of them are only performing a bit better than average. Normally I would over clock but its a laptop so I'm very hesitant. And I am just One of those guys where I have to play all my games on max setting. So since this was a custom shell put together by Cyberpower is it possible to swap out the CPU or Graphics? I know it would be all but impossible for a off the shelf laptop but is it the same for a custom laptop? Any info is appreciated, Thx
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: Ahem, your CPU is superb for a laptop. And so is your graphics card in fact. Why not just build a gaming desktop for a grand and save yourself some money? You can almost ALWAYS upgrade the parts in a gaming desktop.

And also, the CPU is particularly great because that's not only very good for a laptop, but it's an Intel CPU meaning that theoretically, it's as powerful as the equivalent desktop CPU's that cost a lot more.

Maybe there's something wrong with your laptop if it's being slow? Or you, ahem ahem ahem, could build a gaming desktop....
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