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: I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 at Walmart for $130 a few weeks ago. Among the apps I've installed are nook and kindle's mobile app.

Today I was in Barnes and Noble (home of the nook) and they had a display of their HD tablet (looked to be about a 10 inch vs. the Tab 3's 7 inch) for $179. It appeared to be a standard tablet where a nook app would be unnecessary because that's one of the tablet's functions. Interestingly enough (and I don't know if this was done by the store or by a customer) but one of the apps on the display model was the kindle app.

They also had a dedicated e-reader, for $120. No apps, no web access, no color. Just an e-reader with e-ink, that stores books and gives you access to the nook store.

I showed my tablet to a clerk and asked what would be the benefit of "upgrading" the nook tablet or adding a nook e-reader to my devices.

This was his answer:

Both the tablet ($179), and the e-reader ($120) allow you to read in store free. (But if you're in the store, you can just grab a hard copy of the book and start reading away for free).

Also the e-reader with e-ink allows you to read in direct sunlight.

Is it really worth shelling out $120 bucks ($10 less than a Galaxy 3 Tab, and about double of cheaper tablets out there) just to be able to read outdoors with your tablet?

It's like my mom. Since Christmas she's bought a smart phone, an MP3 player and a digital camera. But her smart phone can handle the jobs of all three--and more.
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: 1. eInk, including adjustably frontlit eInk, is easier on the eyes than a backlit color LCD

2. eInk readers hold a battery charge for weeks because they only use power when the page changes and use none at all to maintain the same image/words. Therefore they are also a greener method of reading because it consumes less power.

3. eInk can be read easily in full sun since eInk gains contrast from light shining upon it - the more light, the lighter the eInk "paper" looks, the more contrast, just like a paper book. The adjustable front-lit models can also be read in dim light and in the dark.

4. No distractions - an eInk reader is for reading. They don't do audio, video, animation or fancy games. They may have a simple mobile browser and if desired, some slow games like sudoku or solitaire but their main purpose is reading.

Things you would not want an eInk reader for are color ebooks and large format ebooks including most textbooks. Amazon and Barnes&Noble do not allow huge exact-image textbooks to be downloaded to their 6-inch readers or to phones, only to tablets and computers.
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: I have a Nook Simple Touch (it was $60) and I love it! I mainly use it for books I can't get in print (such as fanfiction) or ones that are public domain. It's very good for on-the-go reading, too, as I'm a fast reader and carrying lots of books while travelling is a pain. The E-Ink is very good because it is easy on the eyes, unlike other tablets. It all depends on personal preference. I play games on my iPhone, but I would hate to read a book on the glaring, tiny screen.

In your mom's case--I can't defend the MP3 player, but smart phone cameras usually stink. A digital camera is a must for good photos.
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