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: It was my birthday yesterday and we were drinking and playing some games and such.
I hit my head on a sink in bathroom (bad coordination, too many beers) before I went to sleep.
I knew I have a huge goose egg sized lump on my forehead but I was too tired to ice it so I just went sleep, like, it will just disappear to morning.
I woke up with massive knot on my forehead

this photo makes it seens smaller than it is, it's huge in fact. I have no concussion symptoms. Just the bump.

How noticable is the knot? How long will I have it?
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: DO NOT BE A FOOL! You need to get to an emergency room YESTERDAY! It may be nothing to be concerned about but sometimes it takes a couple of days for symptoms and the swelling can hide seriousness.


You look to young to be drinking and making a damn fool of yourself in fact the last thing on this earth one does is get in a drunken stupor hit their head that hard and GO TO SLEEP. Sleep is a NO NO!
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: Marcus is right a head injury is nothing to mess around with and can be delayed showing symptoms with that kind of swelling.

You should go get an xray.
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: It is noticable. :( Sorry about your bad luck. That sucks. It may take a while for it to go away, maybe a week.
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