Phones Key » Phone Games » Taking my desktop pc from U.S. to Mexico for personal use is there anything I should be worried about?

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: Am I supposed to declare that it's for personal use? it's a fulltower pc and i'd like to take it with me while i'm visiting family. Would there be any issues with taking a desktop computer?

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: The current (June 2014) "Customs Declaration for passengers coming from abroad" form states this:


Passengers may bring duty-free, new or used items that make up their personal luggage and other items as part of their duty-free exemption:

...two photographic material; three mobile phones or other wireless networks devices; one Global Positioning System equipment (GPS); one portable typing machine; one PDA; one laptop or a notebook/omnibook or similar; a copying machine or portable printer; one burner and portable projector with its accessories...a portable device for recording or reproducing sound or both; or two portable audio and/or digital image player (or one portable audio and/or image reproduction devices) and a portable compact disc and a portable DVD reproduction device, as well as a set of portable speakers and their accessories; five laser discs, ten DVD discs, thirty compact discs or magnetic tapes (audiocassettes), for sound reproduction, three packages of software and five storage devices for any electronic equipment, books, magazines and printed documents...a video game console; as well as five videogames...


Passengers may import items in addition to their personal baggage without requiring the services of a customs agent by paying a global rate of 16% provided that the total amount, excluding the duty free exemption, does not exceed $3,000 US dollars or its equivalent in domestic currency as long as an invoice, proof of payment or any other document that proves the commercial value of the items is provided.

* Duties can be paid using the form "Pago de contribuciones al comercio exterior" (Foreign trade tax payment).

* The total value of computer equipment, added to the rest of the items above, cannot exceed $4,000 US dollars or its equivalent in domestic currency.

* Items subject to compliance regulations or restrictions other than payment of duties (permits, certificates, and notifications) cannot be imported.

* In order to determine the tax basis, the duty free exemptions mentioned in number 2, could be deducted from the value of the items.

For more complete information, please visit the official Mexico Customs site:

In Mexico electronics are very expensive, so those are among the items customs officials are especially looking out for. (There are plenty of people who try to bring computers into Mexico and then resell them.) So if you are bringing in a computer to Mexico, you definitely will be paying import duties. It does not matter whether or not it is for personal use. To make sure the duties charged and paid are correct and not higher than they should be, bring the invoice for your computer with you, or any other paperwork which shows its actual value; this is especially important if the equipment is old and has depreciated in value since its purchase. On the way back to the USA, have that same invoice or paperwork handy. You should only have to pay duties on arrival in Mexico, but not when you bring your computer back home with you to the USA.

My suggestion: Don't bring your big computer into Mexico. Instead just plan to travel with a laptop.
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: I do not know how much space you have to transport it. If you are driving, I guess you know what you are doing. If you are flying, it will take up a lot of your luggage, like all of it, and then you will have to pay for excess.

I would get a "cheap" laptop, then it is easy, it can even be put in your carry on.

I have never traveled with a desktop, but I was taking a monitor across to have fixed, and I had a very hard time explaining to them that what I had was not a computer, but what you used to see inside a computer. My Spanish is very good, but never did convince them and I was not going to pay import duties to take a computer in when I did not have one.
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