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: I have the LG620g cell phone through wal mart's cell service called Straight Talk. This phone will only delete the website history, the list of websites when I direct address it. It will not clear google search history or yahoo or other "search history from search engines". I still have searches on google from a couple months ago when I first got the phone. Whenever I type in a previous google search those keywords still pop up. I have done everything. I have cleared cache, cookies, I have cleared sessions, still nothing. There's gotta be away to clear the google search history. It just gets annoying when I'm typing in a new search, and it still brings up keywords from my old searches. How do I fix this? When I used to be with Verizon, it didn't do this on my old verizon phone, only this LG phone I have, and no other phones.
Elvi... My phone just gets so cluttered with previous searches from several months back, and that's why I want to clear the google search history you stupid perv.

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: I d0nt kn0w but wat d0 y0u have that y0u want t0 delet???1
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