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: I just got a Kyocera Event. The operating system isn't anything like any of the other android phones I've had so it's taken me a little while to really figure out what the heck is going on. I use my smartphone for translation work. Here's where the trouble started. I downloaded the key board and language pack I needed, Anysoft keyboards, and installed it. Everyone in my Hebrew class uses this app and I have as well for two years now without any problems. My new phone doesn't seem to be handling it well. It took forever for me to change the settings so that I could even use the keyboard. Now everything seems alight. I can use type Hebrew in Google Translate and Morfix but when I text message it doesn't work. On my end it looks like Hebrew but the recipient only see "???!!!???!" I'm sending Hebrew text messages with the same keyboard/app that the recipients have. We all have Anysoft. Theirs work, mine doesn't. I also keep getting this notification that I need to set my keyboard even though I already did! It's like it refuses to take the Anysoft keyboard. I don't know what to do!

My second issue is I synced my phone to my gmail account so that all my contacts would be populated automatically in my phone. That happened BUT whenever I go to send a text message the phone doesn't remember any of my contacts. Why? It used to be I would type in the first letter of the name and see options. Now I have to go find the contact, select that person and then text them. What gives?!

I found out that the operating system is Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Is that the problem? Is this Ice Cream Sandwich OS ridiculously different than others I've used in the past?
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