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: I have a few questions regarding unlocking phones.
1) How do carriers prevent people from changing networks?(I would prefer an in-depth, even technical explanation)
2) Will installing a new operating system(particularly on the HTC HD2) result in an unlock cellphone?
3) I've heard of "Unlocking" codes, do they work and if so is there a free way of getting a generator?
I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

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: Many network providers lock phones to their network and sell them at low cost. When users buy such phones they need to stay with that network till the contract ends. In this way the network provider increases their potential. Incase a user needs to unlock their phone in the middle of contract they can request their respective network provider. If they deny there are many online unlocking vendors like who provide permanent unlock through their remote unlocking service.
Changing the operating system does not unlock the phone.
I was not able to get a free unlock for the mobile model that you have specified.
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