Phones Key » HTC Phones » Should I get the HTC Trophy or wait 6 months to get a Gallaxy S2?

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: They are both really nice phones, and much better than the flip phone I am using right now. I have the chance right now to switch to an HTC Trophy, but if I pick that I will have to use that for a few years. Or I could wait for 6 or so months using my flip phone and then get a Galaxy S2.

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: Don`t wait go for Gallaxy S2............!!!
Good luck....!!!
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: I think the Glaxy S2 has come out for a long time, actually you can see the Galaxy S3 now, which is better than the S2! You should check out on your budget first, and look into your real needs, like screen size, hardware and other functions, and then take a look at the specification of theirs
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