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: I do NOT want to root my phone in order to download the audio installer from the market place. If possible i wanted to have someone with an HTC with the Beats Audio app put the .apk file out for others to use on their android. OR install without going into recovery mode, but if necessary I need to know how to boot to recovery mode for an LG Lucid with android 4.0.4
If I need to root, I need a root that I can trust, and always unroot later. I need additional steps for rooting, I have attempted many times to root and none successful. I need a professional lead. But actually, there are ROM installer options, that requires recovery mode. I attempted recovery mode, but the forum might be outdated cause what I tried multiple times did not work.

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: It doesnt work like that, becuz beats wont work without the audio drivers and to install the drivers you need root
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