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: Hi
Looking to get one of these two phones. Which would you recommend and why? Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC One S?
IF you're an owner of either of these phones do you like it? Would you recommend it? Anything that you don't like on the phone?

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: If you want AMAZING speed and great software, beautiful screen and camera features and more get the samsung galaxy s2. HTC phones cannot match how amazing samsung phones are. I have a samsung galaxy s3 and it is awesome. If you can, get a Galaxy S3. The S3 is faster and a good bit better then the S2 but the S2 is still an amazing phone.
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: I recommend the samsung galaxy s2 or if you can the s3, purely because they are now saying its better than the iphone, it has a 8mp camera with led flash, slim design, full HD, direct wifi to any device, dual core application processor. I have this phone, so for me its great, its easy to use, professional, fast, it doesnt break compared to the bad reputation the iphone has. its a wide screen so it makes surfing the web and playing games easier also due to the fast processor! hope this has helped! personally i dont think there is anything wrong with it
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