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: Okay so i know absolutly noting about phones, or any technology really. I just got a new HTC 1x. What necessarily is the difference between it and an iphone. How do i connect it to the internet. Do i have to call to activate it. how do i download apps, and get music on it, can i use itunes? I probably sound like an idiot. But can someone out there just explain to me how to set up these smart phones, and get internet on them, and what exactly does a beginner need to know about how to work, and set these phones up. Just tell me everything you know. Thank You.
O yeah, I have an AT&T data plan.

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: Difference: HTC 1x is bigger than the iphone and is an android phone
How to connect to internet: Hook it up to wifi or buy a wifi router i think its called.I think you can get it at best buy. I recommend for wifi service you but a service called Clear. The only time that it wasn't working was in Hurricane Sandy! By far the best wifi ever. Or if you bought a data plan than you can use that.

Do you have to call to activate: I don't know I don't have at&t but i had to call to activate mine

How to download apps: get connected to internet and go to menu and you will see an icon that says "play store". It is like the android version of app store and itunes. They have the same prices, but not everything that is available on itunes is available on play store. I don't know if you can buy from itunes.

Tips: I recommend that you get a case for it so the screen doesn't crack. And also the battery runs out kind of quickly if you play a lot of games.
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