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: I am going through a very hard time I have no money to pay bills and I have a 37.00 cricket phone bill and they wont work with me to help me out a little bit but I need the phone to be able to keep in contact with my children while there with the other half. Getting divorced. Not getting child support and I have alot of bills due.

1. I don't know how many minutes I use as Cricket wont tell me. I pay 35.00 plus tax for unlimited text and calls and voice mail

Is there anything else cheaper out there, i just dont know what to do because i dont know how many minutes I will use...
I use way more then that many messages though

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: cricket is the cheapest out there in the US
at $1 a day, thats only $30-$31 a month, plus taxes... unsure why you have to pay the extra $5
if you can't afford this, drop your cell plan totally, and go with the old fasioned landline phone. cells are not essential.
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: maybe you should go with virgin mobile's paylo plan. 1500 minutes and messages and 30 mb of internet only for $30 USD a month.
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: bestmobilephonecontract / has reviews of the best mobile phones on the market and contract rates from at&t, t mobile, and verizon so you can find the best price and rates.
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