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: When I first got my cricket phone my 4G was perfect and the symbol on my phone toolbar was a bright blue color. No after having my phone for almost a month my 4G has inconsistent download speeds and the symbol is no longer a bright blue color. I have unlimited data; and yes, I do get throttled if I use to much internet. But my phone company assured me that I should at least have consistent download and upload speeds of 128kbps and 1.3mbps respectively; yet I do not have these speeds. I strongly believe that this has to do with the 4G symbol on my phone; because, as I started before prior to my 4G symbol changing color my 4G speeds were good even though I was throttled.
I guess the more pertinent question is, what does it mean when the 4G symbol on the toolbar goes from a light blue color a neutral grey color?

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