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: I just got this phone like 2 days ago and it was working just fine until this morning I can resive message but not send it says error 38 this phone is a zte sonata 4g from cricket please help. I already turn it off a couple of times and restarted it but that's not working please help and is not on airplane mode and yes I paid the bill all ready it let's me call.

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: try formatting phone
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: I had a ZTE and they are junk. Unfortunately you will probably continue to have problems with it. I had to restart it by removing the battery more times than should be typical. Like I said, they are junk.

But also consider this... if you are trying to send/ receive a message with a pic you need to have data turned on because it won't send just over Wifi. So make sure your data is turned on as well as wifi.
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: you calll to customer care or check the msm point sending center..
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: Common issue. Restart again but remove the battery this time. See below. Best luck.
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