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: I currently have a contract with AT&T that I am desperately trying to get out of, I'm sick of their plans and customer service. I took a trip to the mall and for kicks I went to the cricket Kiosk. The sales pitch they gave me was extremely convincing: I could keep my phone from AT&T, keep my current cell service, and my bill would be cheaper with a better plan, and no contract. Does anyone have Cricket now?

does Cricket wireless do a bait and switch with their plans? do they use the existing AT&T network? is the coverage the same? is it worth going to them for?
How are they compared to say, Tmobile? I would like to stay with a SIM phone carrier because I prefer buying unlocked phones as opposed to contract phones

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: Cricket has good service. Not the best but it's reliable. It's worth going to them but you will feel the difference from AT&T service. People that i know personally who had Verizon or any other larger phone network that switched to cricket switched back to the old one because of how big the difference is regardless of the price.
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