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: As some of you may know, playing a song on the computer can be a lot louder than on the phone, if you're plugged up to speakers or headphones. My problem is just that. I can't make my new speaker loud with my phone, but when I use it on my PC I'm able to go loud until it makes a static noise. All the apps I've got for my phone such as "volume boost" or "volume amplifier" do nothing but set my volume to the max. I can do that myself, so these apps serve no purpose. Why so they not do what they say they will? Is there one that actually boosts past the max? I don't wanna increase the volume on my phone's speakers, because I know it'll ruin my phone. I just wanna boost those that are plugged up to it.

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: It is physically impossible for an app to boost the volume of a device, only speakers can
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