Phones Key » Boost Phone Operator » I have an Samsung galaxy exhibit and its with metro pcs and im on the 40$ plan my phone is so slow what can i do too boost the speed? thanks?

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: Can't watch YouTube or download anything cause it takes a long time and YouTube buffs a lot with bad qualitys I have 4G

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: Install and run this on device to gauge your network's speed vs. wifi if you have any.
Compare speeds at home, away, school, work , whatever. Could be you have on crappy location over another. Then compare cell data speeds to wifi.
Been using it for years.
Honestly you could be throttled. Most plans only allow so many gigs to be at 4g speed and then once used up the remainder of your balance is at 3 or 2g until the beginning of your next billing cycle.
Clear the phone's web cache and verify your data connection settings, but it's really not the device's fault. Streaming vids and games, just rely on wifi instead. Best luck.
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