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: Im with boostmobile right now as we speak, but i want to make the switch to metro pcs..I currently pay $40 for umlimited everything because of the shrinkage plan they have..I was looking at the $50 dollar plan metro has to offer, but im not quit understanding says :

first 2.5gm up to 4G lte? what does that mean?

15 hours of music streaming..???

5 hours of video streaming????

300 photo uploads???

30 download of games/apps???

NOW, i really dont understand this plan because with boost i dont have to worry about none of this i can download, surf,listen to music or what..I just ordered the alcatel one touch fierce, i hope this is a good phone...can some explain this plan to me??
I ordered the phone on friday so they didnt ship it yet, my boost phone i currently have it doesnt charge the part where you plug the charger into the phone i believe is i make the switch to metro or just cancel my order and get my boost phone fixed?? mind you i had my boost phone for like 2 years now and it still looks nice except it doesnt charge..
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