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: I'm having trouble choosing cell phone carriers. I'm with Tracfone now (I love Tracfone) but I was looking at Net10, AT&T GoPhone Plan, StraightTalk, Boost. I don't know witch is the cheapest and what one is the best. Should I just stay with Tracfone or use another carrier.

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: my whole family uses at&t as i know they are pretty reliable but i would look at how much a month you would be paying for each company for your needs (family plan etc.) do some research ask your friends what they use
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: i think at the moment MetroPcs wins with best valuable plans, the standard 40/month is Unlimited everything ( the other companies like gophone is internet limited).. plus you can get pretty nice phone like the nokia 521 and alcatel for 29 dollars.
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: Me i personally enjoy straight talk. cause u can get unlimited texting for a.month for one price n i never had no problems with them in last 4yrs
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