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: Bought a used BlackBerry 9530 Storm,the seller told me was locked,so bought a 5$ code online but now when trying to insert the BlackBerry unlock code is said : Enter network mep code (0 left) and is not accepting my unlock code.The website from where I bought the code does not want to refund me because they said my BlackBerry Storm is hardlocked ,but their unlock code is good.Any way to fix this,to reset the Blackberry mep tries,so I can insert the unlock code into my phone?Or maybe a way to unlock directly a hard locked blackberry?

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: I got blackberry 9300 with mep 0 unlocked online by usb cable for 14.99$ by a website named .I looked before using that and there is no other way to reset the phone to accept the codes,so went with the cheapest options as others would have charged 40-50$. Was preaty quick and simple and really happy I could get my hardlocked blackberry finally unlocked
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