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  1. iCloud iOS 6 iPhone 5 isn't working/taking forever!?
  2. Why is my iPhone not charging?
  3. is my charger broken?
  4. I accidentally a use phone charger for my tablet?
  5. i have nexus 7 and i cant charge it. When i connect the nexus to my charger i need to connect it in same way.?
  6. Why does my phone not charge?
  7. My iphone 4 wont turn on unless plugged into a wall charger?
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3 original charger problem?
  9. Why is the sound not playing on my iPhone when it's plugged into the charger?
  10. What does an iPhone adapter do?
  11. What do with my phone seemingly not charging?
  12. Can you get your ipad jailbroken from going on websites on safari?
  13. Samsung Galaxy SII - VERY slow charging, DECHARGIN instead of charging, sometimes charges fine?
  14. NOKIA LUMIA Experts PLZ HELP!?
  15. My iphone 4 won't turn on?
  16. what does MTP connected mean?
  17. Galaxy S Blaze 4G Wont Turn On?
  18. iPhone won't charge?
  19. Galaxy S4 charging problem?
  20. Samsung Galaxy Note i717 help?
  21. The radio reception gets poorer and noisy if I plug the charger to my smartphone?
  22. If a phone charger is plugged to a wall socket but the cellphone is not connected to the charger,?
  23. Qi Charging - Depleting Battery..?
  24. what would an acceptable price to sell my galaxy note 2 for?
  25. Since downloading ios7 iPhone sound won't work?
  26. My Iphone 4s keeps freezing then shutting off?
  27. Why won't my phone charge ?
  28. Should i change my Nokia 920 for a Nexus 4+ bowers & wilkins headphones?
  29. How to fix a dead phone to read old messages?
  30. How long do android phones last?
  31. What do I do with my iPhone 5?
  32. iPhone 4 car charger?
  33. I just purchase an new (LG3D STEREOSCOPIC BATTERY )in my phone still not going past 5%.Dose anyone know why.?
  34. Can I charge my Samsung Galaxy SIII while its turned off?
  35. How to instal the ios7 on iphone 4 without wifi?
  36. iPhone 4s Water Damage! Help!?
  37. Where to get cute mobile accessories?
  38. My iPhone 5 won't charge or turn on? Please help?
  39. my galaxy s3 mini switches off while charging sometimes?
  40. My phone isn't charging?
  41. be honest, what is the highest price that i could sell my tmobile samsung galaxy s4.?
  42. My Iphone Won't Charge!!plz helpp?
  43. Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 Charging problem..what is a solution to it?
  44. Why wont my droid x charge?
  45. How to remove jail break?
  46. My ipad 4 charger is not working?
  47. Cellphone or battery?
  48. Samsung Galaxy 3 vibrating on charger?
  49. the charger port on my phone is messed up?
  50. Is it true mobile power leads are so short to try and stop users damaging phone while charging?
  51. Can I buy smartphone hardware?
  52. Is the sony quick charger EP881 any good?
  53. How do you know if your Nokia lumia 720 is charging when fully dead?
  54. Phone keeps dying while charging?
  55. What happened to my Samsung Galaxy S3?
  56. Samsung galaxy s4 charging issues?
  57. is a samsung phone charging even tough the charger is loose?
  58. Imported phone question - s4 google edition?
  59. IPhone 4 wont charge even after bat. replace?
  60. i bought a new iphone 5 charger and its not certified?
  61. my iphone 5 charger wont work?
  62. Ebay users only plzzz??
  63. Cheap iPhone USB cords ?!?
  64. how to get off internet?
  65. Samsung Galaxy S3 charging fault?
  66. My smart phone do not have network when i use charger for it, company do not know the reason,can anybody help?
  67. My phone randomly turns off?
  68. my iphone died and it wont turn back on?
  69. What could be wrong with my phone/charger??!!?
  70. Help me by recommending a phone?
  71. iPhone 5 is cracked and now turning on and off?
  72. is there a way to fix an ipod charger?
  73. I am wonderinv why my droid x2 randomly shuts off?
  74. Where can I buy a charger for my Phonesuit Elite (for iPhone 4 and 4s) extended battery case?
  75. Why won't my iPod touch turn on?
  76. How much would a iPod Touch 4G 32g sell for?
  77. If cell phone battery has over heated will it stop charging?
  78. For how much can i sell my samsung galaxy s4?
  79. How can i bypass the screen on my smartphone that ask me for a password, email address and username?
  80. Are fake Samsung Galaxy S4 batteries bad for the phone?
  81. Will i get warranty of a mobile phone products which is purchased through online websites?
  82. IPhone 5 charger getting hot?
  83. My Galaxy S3 Won't Turn On?
  84. Sony Xperia SP Won't turn on or charge, please help!?
  85. My samsung siii have charging problem.?
  86. nokia lumia 610 why is my phone not charging?
  87. Is it posible to over amp a Li-on battery?
  88. Samsung Note 3 or Xperia Z1?
  89. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Battery Charger?
  90. Android help my battery says its on 23 percent and then it goes to zero percent when unplug it what going on?
  91. My phone isn't charging?
  92. My Xperia Z headphone jack wont work properly?
  93. Droid Razr Display issue?
  94. My iphone only charges sometimes?
  95. My iPhone wont switch on!! Help!!?
  96. Dropped iphone 5 into toilet?
  97. should i get an ipad mini or Nexus 7?
  98. IPHONE 4S CHARGING HELP (10 points)?
  99. Galaxy S3 wont turn on or charge?
  100. My iPhone 4 stopped working?
  101. My iPhone 5 won't charge!!!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  102. What's going on with my phone?
  103. Why does my Samsung galaxy S4 keep turning on and off and how do I fix it?
  104. I plugged my Iphone into my charger and it started smoking. Now it wont charge!!!?
  105. Samsung Galaxy S3 Replacement help?
  106. Iphone 4 wont turn on?
  107. How do I locate my cell phone while it's off?
  108. Why is my iphone screen black?
  109. What cheap pay-as-you-go sim cards from the UK would work in Costa Rica and Canada?
  110. what's wrong with my phone?
  111. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-19505 stuck in android system recovery 3e. Help!?
  112. ipod charger working sometimes?
  113. My phone will not charge.?
  114. should i get the 32 g or the 64 g iphone 5s?
  115. New update not letting my case charge the phone?
  116. Problem with Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant? Help :(?
  117. My android phone battery wouldn't last even 1 minute? ANSWER FAST PLS!?
  118. Trouble with my samsung galaxy 2?
  119. iphone update? Help!! Charging?
  120. My phone wont charge ): HELP?
  121. what if use the wrong cell phone charger for my phone?
  122. I need some information about nokia lumia 1020?
  123. phone battery draining too quickly?
  124. I've just bought 2 iPad 1 chargers and they both don't work,it always says not charging?
  125. i tried to update my iphone 4 with a system update now it wont work? wtf!?
  126. samsung focus cell phone?
  127. My phone battery went crazy?
  128. Can I fix my EnV3 battery?
  129. Why did my iPhone 4 erase everything after ios 7?
  130. can I turn on my iPhone w/ out lock button or charger?
  131. Iphone 4s turns off when unplugged?
  132. when i plug my cell phone charger into phone. i have to hold wire to an angle for it to charge. why ?
  133. How does this phone sound?
  134. How to make Samsung Galaxy S4 stop charging at 100%.?
  135. How is a outter box case different from a regular phone case?
  136. So my iPhone can't boot?
  137. IPhone won't charge on wall charger?
  138. Can you use the original Samsung Galaxy Ace charger with Galaxy S4 I9505?
  139. Will the iPhone 5 cases fit the iPhone 5c?
  140. galaxy s4 active problem PLZ HELP?
  141. why is my samsung galaxy s3 not charging??!! please helpp!!?
  142. ipod touch charger problem?!?
  143. Why can't i charge my phone?
  144. My iPhone 3G won't turn on?
  145. My iPhone 3G won't turn on?
  146. What is wrong with my iPhone 4s?
  147. A Lil help please or advice.?
  148. My android cell phone will NOT turn on. Is it the battery?
  149. Why does my brand new iPhone charger make noise?
  150. My Samsung Galaxy S2 won't turn on this morning?
  151. does the sound quality increase if using apple earpods in samsung galaxy w phone?
  152. my samsung galaxy ace wont turn on after i ran out of battery?
  153. what does the blue light mean on my huawei premia 4g?
  154. Is it bad for you to leave your IPhone in the charger over night?
  155. New Galaxy S4 charging weird? 10 points best answer?
  156. Would you buy a generic phone on eBay?
  157. Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Problem?
  158. Phone charging hole stuck?
  159. samsung galaxy axiom wont turn on?
  160. i bought a straight talk phone from walmart two days ago?
  161. im having trouble using my consumers cellular cell phone,theres something?
  162. If I bought a phone from the tmobile that happens to be defective within a day, can i take it to a local...?
  163. Why won't my mophie case work?
  164. my iphone 3g wont charge?
  165. Why apple charge only when all 4pins in the usb are used?
  166. iPhone 4S Charger Help? D:?
  167. How much can I get for an IPHONE 3GS - excellent condition , always in an otter box?
  168. IPhone 4S not charging?
  169. Automatically turn Android phone on/off when plugged in/unplugged?
  170. What can I do if the phone's (samsung galaxy note) charging hole won't work?
  171. Automatically load an Android app as soon as phone is turned on?
  172. How to make my Samsung Galaxy S2 work again?
  173. The lifeproof case charger port door opens too easily?
  174. How do I save music onto my alcatel 350 phone?
  175. Why won't my samsung gs4 charge faster?
  176. my phone is broken!?!?
  177. Iphone syncing unwanted songs?
  178. Alcatel OT990 wont turn on?
  179. Is it true that if you leave a phone charger plugged without a cellphone attached that it will break it?
  180. Does the samsung galaxy ace 2 charger fit into a galaxy ace?
  181. Phone charger keeps breaking?
  182. Why is my Samsung not working?
  183. what is/are the advantages & dis-advantages of using a mobile phone car charger to the car and mobile phone?
  184. My iPhone keeps shutting by itself?
  185. Can using someone else's cell phone power cord to cause cost to the loaner?
  186. Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories in Shanghai?
  187. can I get my contacts back?
  188. iPhone 4 will not charge?
  189. Galaxy s2 battery not working?
  190. Good iphone 4 mobile/portable charger?
  191. will the at&t store charge my phone ?
  192. Need a new iphone case, iphone 4s?
  193. So Dropped my phone in the toilet...again?
  194. At what percentage should I charge my Samung Galaxy S4?
  195. Is their a way to charge iphone 5 faster?
  196. How do you get dried milk out of iphone charger port?
  197. IPhone charger suddenly stopped working?
  198. What is the best brand for an iPhone 4 charger case?
  199. Why is it my cellphone wont hold a charge?
  200. Samsung Galaxy2 says charging when not plugged in?
  201. cell phone battery says its charging when its not?
  202. Is it a good decision to buy carton damaged mobile phones and if yes then from where should I buy?
  203. On my Nokia 900 windows phone?
  204. why won't my phone turn on?
  205. what should i name my cell phone store that i'm just about to start?
  206. iPhone emergency on the go charger wont work?
  207. PLEASE HELP, Phone got wet and now, no sound, wont play videos, and turns on and off if not being used HELP!?
  208. Will the battery on my iPhone 4 last this long?
  209. My charger won't fit into my phone **HELP PLEASE***?
  210. My galaxy s3 won't charge...?
  211. How do I restore my iPod without iTunes?
  212. Why is my phone doing this? need help ASAP!?
  213. Purchased phone charger and Blew up in face?
  214. Why wont my tabket charge?
  215. Can I attach a cell phone strap to my itouch?
  216. nokia lumia 520 handsfree headset problems?
  217. iPhone 5 help please?
  218. iPhone 5 not charging?
  219. Idk what is going on with my phone?
  220. iphone 5 won't charge?
  221. I lost my phone, what should I do?
  222. Why does my car charger drain my cell phone battery?
  223. Can a powerbank cause charging malfunction on a phone or tablet?
  224. my samsung star next two phone wont charge.What to do?Please help?
  225. samsung mobile(galaxy s3) is getting on my last nerve?
  226. What's wrong with my phone?
  227. Microwaved iPhone - Any chance of repair?
  228. Is it normal for my iphone charger adapter to heat up while charging iphone?
  229. Can the sun cause my Iphone 4 to stop working completely?
  230. Samsung Brightside not working?
  231. Why won't my Iphone 4s turn on?
  232. Why does my phone think it's being charged by computer when its actually charging from the wall outlet?
  233. Galaxy s3 charging problem?
  234. A charger that charges just the battery?
  235. My Samsung Galaxy 4 charging twice as slow?
  236. my phone wont turn on or charge, what do I do?
  237. IPhone 4 not charging?
  238. Why wont my phone charge?
  239. How to charge a Samsung Galaxy S2 without a charger?
  240. Can i used 7.5 charger for ainol 10.1?
  241. Why wont my phone charge?
  242. Why wont my phone charge?
  243. Why doesn't my phone charge the way it used to?
  245. my android zte phone wont stay charginging,can the little metal thing be tightened where you put the charger?
  246. My iphone wont turn on?
  247. Can someone find a charger for this headset?
  248. My phone isn't charging right, i need help in resolving the issue?
  249. AT&T upgrade eligiblity question?
  250. iphone 5 serious issue need help?