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  1. Can i cell my phone thats on a contract?
  2. i was wondering can i buy a cricket sim card for my iphone 5 and then activate it with pageplus please help me?
  3. how much will cricket charge me?
  4. I bought a Cricket Galaxy S4 from EBAY w/o a sim card. How can I get one?
  5. Can i swith my phone from cricket to sprint?
  6. I have an android phone from cricket, and I am having a dilemma...?
  7. Cricket wireless, no internet connection?
  8. Thinking of switching phone servers who should i choose?
  9. thinking of switching phone servers who should i choose?
  10. can someone explain what exactly an unlocked phone is?
  11. Can Cricket flash a Samsung Galaxy S1?
  12. apple iPhone from cricket: pros and cons?
  13. If I upgrade my iphone 4 to an iphone 5 on cricket will the charge me for the upgrade?
  14. How to turn on a flashed iPhone?
  15. Question about the iphone 5c sim free?
  16. My friend has a Cricket phone that has been disconnected due to no payment.?
  17. When will cricket put the iphone 5s and 5c on the shelves?
  18. I have 2 cellphones i want to see if i can get flashed to cricket. the first is a sprint optimus elite?
  19. Can i flash this phone?
  20. Sounds not working on Huawei Mercury?
  21. Cricket vs Metro Pcs?
  22. Can you axes to a android cricket lg phone reset it and how you unlock it?
  23. cricket full speed data?
  24. What's a good app to download music?
  25. will my flash go away if i get the ios7?
  26. Does Cricket use SIM cards now?
  27. What does the "U" at the end of a text mean?
  28. I have a flashed i phone to cricket & i want to update to the ios 7 can i?
  29. Can I flash a phone that is still in service?
  30. how much would cricket charged to connect my iphone 4?
  31. How do I find the MSL code one my virgin mobile?
  32. How to use Sprint cdma iphone 4 on cricket?
  33. Can I Buy A Chinese Phone And Activate With Cricket?
  34. The Samsung Galaxy S4 for Cricket?
  35. Can my parents read my texts?
  36. Can I flash a Sony Xperia Play to cricket?
  37. have a cricket HUAWEI M660, have light bulb icon in right hand corner. what does it mean?
  38. Apps IAP cracker work with?
  39. Looking For an iPhone or a Device with all Upgraded Features?
  40. What company can i connect my iphone 4 from verizon?
  41. Can a cricket phone be unlocked?
  42. Is there an app on the android market that lets you send and recieve picture messages?
  43. If you switch phone companies can you still keep your same number?
  44. Will the iPhone 5s be available for Cricket Wireless ?
  46. Will cricket have the new iphone 5s or 5c?
  47. Is the android 4.3 update available for the cricket Galaxy S4?
  48. Why isnt my cricket phone charging right?
  49. How much does cricket charge to disconnect service?
  50. How do i turn on a phone an put in my name at a cricket store?
  51. How does cricket wireless credit check work?
  52. how do you unscrew a cell phone screw?
  53. Can I use nokia lumia 620 with Cricket Wireless?
  54. I want to buy an unlocked iphone 3gs from ebay. Can i have it activated by Cricket MObile and still be fully f?
  55. What network iPhone should I get?
  56. IPhone help Please!?!?
  57. Will my Simple Mobile phone work in anither state?
  58. Why did my Galaxy S4 stop receiving text messages.?
  59. Can I upgrade my cricket phone ?
  60. My iphone wont connect to itunes?
  61. Should I get Samsung Galaxy s3 or Iphone 4s?
  62. why wont my samsung galaxy 3 send any picture message?
  63. Will this phone be able to use a SIM card?
  64. My phone turns off unexpectedly?
  65. Can i switch my new sprint phone to cricket?
  66. can sprint phones be unlocked and switched to another carrier?
  67. how to send a text message from pc to cricket cell phone?
  68. Personal Phone Contract?
  69. does anyone watch netflix on a cricket wireless network?
  70. Cricket Cell Phone Plan?
  71. Cell Phone not accepting messages?
  72. If you have an iPhone 5 from cricket can you switch to sprint or do you have to buy an iPhone 5 from sprint?
  73. How do I add my own ringtones on my Galaxy?
  74. How much is the iPhone 4 in cricket?
  75. Is Cricket Wireless going to go away completely?
  76. Galaxy S4; Activate; no serial number on phone just an IMEI.?
  77. How can I unlock my samsung galaxy s3 from cricket mobile?
  78. How to get so.eones name from their cricket wireless phone number?
  79. How to get someones name from their cricket wireless phone number?
  80. I think my cell phone touch screen needs to be recalibrated.?
  81. Can you use a different micro SD card on Cricket phones?
  82. i lost my cricket phone what do i do?
  83. Texting Problem with my ZTE Chorus?
  84. What is best cell phone service to have for unlimited data/text?
  85. Could I unlock a Nokia lumia 1020 and use it on crickets network.?
  86. How to take a screenshot on Cricket Engage LT?
  87. flash a sprint phone to a cricket phone?
  88. SD card blank or unsupported filesystem?
  89. Can I sell/trade cricket Iphone 4?
  90. how to reactivate your cricket phone?
  91. How to flash a sprint samsung moment over to cricket wireless service?
  92. How to flash your sph m900 from sprint to cricket?
  93. How to flash a jailbroken iPhone 4 on 6.1.3 to Cricket for free?
  94. Cell reception... Help please?
  95. Why can't I watch any videos on my Galaxy 3?
  96. there is a txt msg that i can send to cricket and they will help pay my bill. does anyone know what that is?
  97. Cricket cell phone roaming and coverage?
  98. How much does it cost to flash an iPhone from sprint to cricket ?
  99. are all samsung phones compatible with cricket service?
  100. how can I factory reset my cricket zte muvemusic phone?
  101. Why isn't my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G working on Cricket?
  102. Anyone with the Walmart cell phone plan? Are plans a decent price? Is the service good or poor?
  103. cant rember my cricket samsung comment code, i am registered with samsung, but there is no help th please help?
  104. which cell phones use sdhc as well as a video camera above 1 mega pixel.?
  105. Can I flash my iPhone 4S to cricket service it is AT&T ?
  106. Extreme cell phone trouble please help!!!?
  107. Installment plans for Cricket wireless?
  108. Do I need to order the Samsung galxy s4 from the same company?
  109. Does Cricket Charge To Reconnect A Phone Again?
  110. How come I don't get vocie mails?
  111. How can I download music to my Huawei Acsend?!?!?
  112. Why won't my Samsung chrono cricket phone charge?
  113. Im trying to download apps on my Cricket Zte?
  114. Will Crickets (Cell phone company) "Muve Music" work if i'm on an airplane?
  115. I have a huawei Ascend 2 from cricket and was wondering if there was a way to take screenshots on there? If so?
  116. Can anyone give me Tips and Tricks fir the Huawei Mercury Ice cellphone on cricket.?
  117. if i flash my Sprint Samsung S3 to Cricket can i use the tethering?
  118. how to download cricket07?
  119. Can someone tell me what's so Bad about Prepaid Phones?
  120. help my zte cricket won't charge and it low battery?
  121. If I already have cricket but I want to upgrade my phone, do I pay the retail price or the final price?
  122. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S4 for cricket?
  123. My phone is reading "blank SD card?"?
  124. Can you flash a sprint iphone 5 to cricket?
  125. Don't judge me if this is a stupid question..?
  126. i need a new way to turn on my phone the power button broke?
  127. Can i flash a tmobile phone to cricket?
  128. Will cricket ever have where you can add an ipad on an account like what you can do on AT&T?
  129. Are there any MVNOs for Sprint that can be activated on an unlocked iPhone 4?
  130. Is a Nokia 6600 slide going to work with cricket?
  131. I lost my phone at a party and I have insurance. what do I do?
  132. Help me switch my plan?
  133. My Cricket Phone won't send/receive messages at my house?
  134. My phone was wet all night, its a galaxy s 3 and I have insurance?
  135. If i have a cricket iphone and i put a sim card on when i take it out will it change back to cricket?
  136. Does cricket wireless work at fort sill Oklahoma for army basic training?
  137. Where can i sell my old cricket phone?
  138. Best Cellphone Service/Phone For Texting/Internet Fan?
  139. How much can a 4GB memory hold?
  140. Does anyone remember thier old cricKet number?
  141. Why does my Galaxy s3 only show VPN?
  142. How much memory/songs can I store on this phone?
  143. Why Isn't iPhone On Cricket Wireless Yet? D: (Maryland)?
  144. Can a phone with a bad ESN be flashed to Cricket?
  145. $300 to much for iphone 4s (16gb)?
  146. I used to have Instagram on my phone and now it says it's not compatible. help?
  147. What are the best Rugby League or Cricket games on iphone?
  148. Why won't the 3G symbol on my Galaxy s3 turn on?
  149. How do I fix the MMS problem on my galaxy s3?
  150. Buying a Cricket iPhone - question about first month fee?
  151. Can you recover contacts from a Cricket Alcatel with a black screen?
  152. Please awnser i need them all awnsered please?
  153. I've been posting this a lot please awnser?
  154. I need help with my phone please the cheapest way?
  155. I need all these awnsered?
  156. Should I get the cricket engage Lt?
  157. HELP what phone should I get?
  158. Difference between cell phone stores. Confused. Help!?
  159. I want to switch my iPhone 4S to tmobile?
  160. I want to switch my iPhone 4S?
  161. Is there anyway to factory unlock my iphone 4 for free ?
  162. Does anyone know if cricket wireless still offers phone financing?
  163. Does anyone know when Cricket wireless will have the upgrade where i won't need a card to use Muve music?
  164. Can I sell a Galaxy S3?
  165. Will Rooting my phone delete the flash?
  166. What would you guys recommend I do, I want to get a galaxy s4 with a contract?
  167. how can i unlock a cricket android phone once ive used to many pin combination.?
  168. Is Metro PCS better than Cricket?
  169. Which phone company should I chose?
  170. Stop paying cell phone, will it continue to charge even thought the service is cut off?
  171. If you stop paying your cell phone bill, and the service gets cut off, will they continue to charge you?
  172. If you stop paying your cell phone bill, and the service gets cut off, will they continue to charge you?
  173. Cricket wireless question?
  174. Android Recommendations?
  175. How to transfer phones?
  176. Is there any phone company that will except a 17 yr old ?
  177. Virgin Mobile, Cricket or Metro PCS?
  178. Cricket phone won't work?
  179. Mobile phone question......................…America to uk?
  180. I need someone to help me translate this to spanish. please?
  181. Can a samsung 4s be unlocked for tmoble?
  182. How do I cancel my Cricket service?
  183. I bought a Iphone 4 from a friend but its connected line?
  184. Why wont my cricket Vitality charge? and what are my options in this situation?
  185. How to Apply For Jobs Without a Cell Phone or Home Phone?
  186. What is the cricket picture messaging app?
  187. Buying myself the new huawei mercury ice.?
  188. Can you sell your iPhone 4S 16GB at Best Buy?
  189. how do I erase bookmarks on a cricket android groove ZTE?
  190. I Wet my Phone! :
  191. Cricket phone facebook SMS help?
  192. About a week ago i bought a iphone 4 (verizon) from someone on craigs list?
  193. Hi everyone i need help with my samsung galaxy s2!!!?
  194. is cricket phone insurance a rip off?
  195. What type of phone should I get?
  196. Is flashing a cell phone from one carrier to another safe?
  197. what happens when i use up data allowance??
  198. do i still have mobile data?
  199. which is the best cell phone in California on 200$ dollars or less than that?
  200. does the mobile data finish?
  201. Does anyone know what this Droid stock ringtone is?
  202. Can you get an iPhone and not get a contract?
  204. How long can i wait to pay my cricket phone bill before they turn it off?
  205. How to upgrade a flashed phone's plan.?
  206. How do i fix my cracked screen on a ZTE GROVE CRICKET PHONE?
  207. What happens if i dont pay my cricket bill on time?
  208. Android messaging help? (Regular messaging app and GO SMS PRO)?
  209. why is my cricket mobile internet service from kansas? I live in california .?
  210. Mail-in offer from Cricket?
  211. how is virgin mobiles service?
  212. i locked my self out of my phone by axicedent.. help!?
  213. How does the data work for cricket wireless?
  214. How to flash metropcs phone to cricket (for FREE)?
  215. Why is the phone company cricket called cricket?
  216. Is there a Cricket Wireless Cellular outage in Lafayette Louisville CO area?
  217. how do i find my lost cricket cell phone via gps?
  218. If I buy a cricket pay go phone can I activate it on my main account...?
  219. How to stop my phone from repeating text messages?
  220. Can You Use Snapchat On The Phone ZTE Groove From Cricket?
  221. Is Cricket offering a payment plan for the Samsung Galaxy S4?
  222. Cricket android upgrade?
  223. I Paid my Cricket 4g Bill and get no 4g?
  224. how to you get a green cricket phone off of silent?
  225. would a sprint iphone work on cricket?
  226. Will a pawn shop by my old android phone in this case?
  227. is there a website where i can see how many text messages ive sent and received this month? im with cricket.?
  228. How to unlock my phone?
  229. Smartphone Android OS Update/Upgrade & Some Questions?
  230. I bought a prepaid phone.its been activated and my mom wants to deactivated my service. Can she put a lock on?
  231. Track a cell phone for free?
  232. How do i know if someone changed their cricket number or just didnt pay their bill?
  233. How do I talk to cricket wireless customer support if they need my AID number and I don't have it?
  234. did cricket get any better?
  235. my huawei cricket phone touchscreen doesnt work how can i fix it?
  236. how can i locate a lost cellphone that is not a smart phone?
  237. Will my cell phone manufacturer give me a free replacement phone after 7 months in this case?
  238. I dropped the bottom half of my phone in my my soup and now its says its charging but its really not?
  239. how can you dial directly to voicemail for cricket?
  240. Will doing a factory reset on my phone change it back to Sprint?
  241. Can you get a prepaid iphone?
  242. I'm wondering if I can buy a regular phone and activate it with Cricket.?
  243. Can i use my Cricket Phone outside the country?
  244. Why can't I load instagram on my zte score (cricket) without wifi?
  245. Cricket Wireless, Phone in payments or no?
  246. if my cricket phone is off will i still be able to text?
  247. Can I use any Cricket phone with Cricket?
  248. how much is a regular iphone at cricket?
  249. IPhone 4s plan help and reconnecting?
  250. Can I flash the Samsung Galaxy S4 to Simple Mobile or Cricket?