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  1. is my phone locked?....?
  2. About at&t next and rogers?
  3. Why won't my data automatically turn off when connected to wife?
  4. If i dont pay my phone bill and the phone no longer works is it still locked to rogers?
  5. If you call long distance will their number show up on your bill?
  6. Please need help with cell phone bill?
  7. Unlock iphone 3g for free?
  8. How to unlock my Android (Password, Rogers)?
  9. How much would it cost for an iPhone overuse data (Rogers)?
  10. Can I exchange my Samsung Galaxy s3 for an Iphone 5s?
  11. "what is rogers 2 year agreement on rogers galaxy s4?
  12. What is a good phone that does not need a data plan and cost $0?
  13. Will updating my android replace network lock?
  14. If i buy a bigger memory card will it add more space to my iphone? PLEASE HELP?
  15. Does skype cost money to use on rogers talk and text 20? Does skype charge roaming?
  16. My friend has unlimited texting through Rogers Communications, is she still getting charged?
  17. What phone should I get?
  18. I have an iphone 5 bought from Macao.?
  19. What does enable data over mobile network mean?
  20. How much money is it to cancel a 3yr plan with Rogers?
  21. how much can I sell my iphone for?
  22. Why is my phone bill so high?
  23. I would like to switch to Wind Mobile from Rogers?
  24. How much does data cost per kb on Rogers?
  25. My phone won't charge?
  26. Can I have my rogers network Iphone 5 unlocked and then use an english network sim as I am moving there soon?
  27. Can I unlock my iPhone?
  28. Can a telcel cell phone works with rogers?
  29. why is it when I call someone and they pick up my phone still says dialing?
  30. Will I get charged for incoming texts?
  31. Rogers upgrade???????
  32. How do you unlock a brand new iphone?
  33. How to use iPhone 5 with Rogers prepaid plan?
  34. i am hearing that people are getting their data under rogers doubled for free?? how do i get this?
  35. How to turn the usage back on my iPhone?
  36. Moving to Canada: MOBILE PHONES?
  37. Rogers phone billing help?
  38. If I switch phone carriers do I have to change SIM cards?
  39. Do NON contract iPhones get upgrades?
  40. do I need my dad there to up grade my phone?
  41. Will my cell phone provider lower my monthly bill if I ask to cancel my contract?
  42. Will a "unlocked" Samsung Galaxy S3 work with Wind mobile?
  44. Can your text messages show up on your bill(Rogers)?
  45. How Long Does It Take For UPS To Deliver My Package (iPhone 5) From Rogers?
  46. What is this Rogers Wireless smartphone extra charge in my plan for?
  47. Why does it say goam.com on my rogers call history?
  48. How Long Do You Have To Wait To Upgrade A Rogers Phone?
  49. Rogers: does it cost to call long distance but they don't pick up?
  50. if your from canada and your texting someone in turkey but he has a canadian number how much does it cost per?
  51. How to I get Clockwork recovery?
  52. Magic Jack APP in States?
  53. Can my dad read my deleted texts with rogers!?
  54. How long does it take for your phone to get activated with rogers?
  55. Going to Boston With Rogers Sim?
  56. GSM quad band phone, I need a GSM carrier?
  57. How to enable picture messaging on iphone 5?
  58. If I Text Someone A Video Does it use Data?
  59. Rogers SureTap SIM Card Work As Regular SIM?
  60. I need help signing up for a phone plan?
  61. Can rogers see your sent picture messages?
  62. Rogers 1 Contacts wont work on android?
  63. Call display issues on cell phone?
  64. About the new Canadian cell phone two year law?
  65. How much were Rogers data plans 3 yrs ago?
  66. Only half of my picture messeage shows up?
  67. Only half of my picture messeage shows up?
  68. Samsung galaxy s4 i9505?
  69. Is call display the same as caller ID?
  70. My phones not letting me get service?
  71. Is it possible to transfer a Rogers contract to a different phone?
  72. Do you need cell service to set up a wifi hotspot?
  73. Is it possible to transfer a Rogers contract to a different phone?
  74. Can my parents see my text messages out of my phone and at the store?
  76. How much will it cost to replace my iphone 4s from rogers.?
  77. Rogers phone finder help?
  78. Where can you rent a sim card in florida to use for two weeks on a rogers gsm phone?
  79. Free Rogers Pay As You Go minutes?
  80. Can I change my Samsung to a iPhone?
  81. What carrier are you in?
  82. Can you transfer a mobile phone plan on one sim to another SIM card?
  83. Cellphone carrier in Canada?
  84. Do deleted texts still show up on the archive?
  85. Can Rogers monitor your cell phone legally?
  86. Timings on Rogers cell bill?
  87. will I be charged for this?
  88. I found an old Roger sim card?
  89. How come I have such bad service?!?
  90. Iphone 3S in need of assistance?
  91. How to unlock Samsung Galaxie S2 LTE Rogers?
  92. Can I use another phone by taking the sim card out of my old one and inserting it into the new one?
  93. Rogers 4 year contract?
  94. Stolen Samsung galaxy S3?
  95. Which one? Samsung ATIV S - or Samsung Ace 2x??d you like to ask?
  96. How long do I have to wait for rogers on demand to unlock?
  97. Which one? Samsung ATIV S - or Samsung Ace 2x? (maybe s2 means well :) )?
  98. If I have rogers internet and cable at home, is it possible I would have a discount on buying their phones?
  99. Can I buy an iPhone and pay for it monthly?
  100. Rogers iPhone bill??
  101. Why wont my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 update?
  102. Samsung Note 2 Update?
  103. Can I text to the US from Canada, I use Rogers and have unlimited texting.?
  104. Will unlocking a phone and putting a sim with a data plan transfer the data plan?
  105. Does Rogers still have this payment plan?
  106. Are the iPhone 5 in the apple store unlocked?
  107. If I unlock an iPhone can I use it with my current simcard?
  108. Does Rogers still have this payment plan?
  109. If I used 954mb how many texts did I send?
  110. I don't have 3G anymore on my iPhone 4! I'm with rogers help!?
  111. how much it will cost me extra for using over limited data?
  112. My phone carrier is rogers and i bought a phone a years ago with no contract?
  113. Nokia Lumia 920 on Bell Canada APN :(?
  114. $20 a Month Rogers plan with Sony experia?
  115. are their any iphone 4S plans that are cheaper than $50/month? im with rogers.?
  116. Good site to unlock my phone fast and cheap?
  117. Rogers 3-Year Plan vs Month-to-Month Plan?
  118. Rogers plan downgrade?
  119. im having trouble texting to a radio station in my area i text but i dont get nothing back?
  120. iPhone/Mobile microSIM Swap (Japan-Canada)?
  121. setting up with wind mobile canada?
  122. what is jailbreaking an iPhone?
  123. I don't have 3G and my texts won't send?
  124. Do I call Rogers or Apple?
  125. What is the best internet service provider with home phone for me?
  126. What is the worst thing that will happen if i opt out of my 3 year cell phone contract and decide not to pay?
  127. Rogers hasn't charged me any bill in a long time and my service is still working what do I do?
  128. Rogers wireless phone contract help?
  129. my iphone 4 has carrier of rogers 14.0,baseband 04.12.05, ios 6.1(10B144) and i want to unlock it to use it ou?
  130. Is this a good idea? iPhone.?
  131. 3 year agreement iPhone 4S?
  132. AT&T unlimited texting plan while in Canada?
  133. Canada prepaid phone plan- do you know a good one?
  134. Do you have to pay alot if you go over your data plan?
  135. Can me and my mom change iPhones?
  136. family plans for smartphones?(galaxy note,iphone)?
  137. I have a Rogers sim card that I need to put inside a Telus Blackberry Qualcomm 3G CDMA?
  138. What is the network unlock code for Htc Chacha?
  139. What is imei unlock code for Htc Amaze 4G? Searching for network pin code?
  140. A Simple Cell Phone Question?
  141. Travelling to the UK for 4 months from Canada. What's the best cell phone plan to be on?
  142. What is going on with my phone?
  143. cyanogenmod 10.1 galaxy s3 aborting?
  144. Unlocking Nokia E66 phone?
  145. 3 year contracts canada.?
  146. Sim card trading with Wind and Rogers?
  147. If a phone is locked to Rogers can I use it on Koodo network?
  148. Help about phone monthly pay?
  149. Switching phones with a three year contract with Rogers.?
  150. Would I get charged data when using wifi?
  151. What is the guy saying in the new Roger's commercial?
  152. If I live in Ontario does it cost extra to text someone in Alberta?
  153. Switched Iphones and now no service?
  154. Puk code locked on my phone?
  155. I locked my phone with puk code?
  156. I need help, iphone 5 question!?
  157. Bell or Rogers for a mobile plan?
  158. Mobilicity GNEXUS using rogers prepaid sim card?
  159. I cracked my phone screen help?
  160. How to take off Rogers Extreme texting feature on your phone?
  161. What is the best cellphone provider for a family plan in Canada?
  162. i am not sure if I should text or if its a scam?
  163. Will an AT&T locked cell phone work for Canada's Rogers?
  164. Rogers Nokia X7 on Wind?
  165. Help me choose my first iPhone?
  166. Can you make an Ipad into a cellphone?
  167. is 10mb of data good for 24 hours?
  168. Am I able to call into Rogers if my phone is damaged and get a replacement if i dont go into a store?
  169. does anyone know how to permanently unlock iphone 5 locked with rogers?
  170. Extra data charge on my rogers bill?
  171. Is this a text message?
  172. cant make phone calls on samsung s3?
  173. Unlock Rogers Iphone 4G?
  174. Rogers Samsung i927r Glide - Is it fake or genuine?
  175. I have a Rogers Iphone 4, I'm moving to the states and would like to use the same phone.?
  176. My LTE or 3G isnt working on my iPhone 5.. Help!?
  177. im scared of buying a phone?
  178. I have a question about SIM cards?
  179. How much money exactly would you spend on an iPhone 4S today?
  180. Ok, i Have a few questions about phones?
  181. samsung captivate glide questionss?
  182. Can you call with your cell phone in another country?
  183. So many automated text after getting new phone...?
  184. How much does Rogers charge for cell phone data over usage?.?
  185. How can I unlock a Samsung galaxy s2 lte without paying a cent?
  186. Unlocking samsung s3 from rogers to wind?
  187. Can you unlock a samsung s3 rogers?
  188. How do you build a Rogers family plan?
  189. I don't receive text messages from certain people! Please help!?
  190. Travelling to Hawaii, need cell phone coverage?
  191. texting with rogers plan?
  192. Rogers service provider?
  193. can my ipad mini + wifi use a rogers data plan?
  194. can't get rogers voicemail working?
  195. Help, struggling with Rogers bills, what sould I do? :(?
  196. SD card on my iphone4?
  197. Help unlocking iPhone 4S?
  198. iPhone 5 Rogers (Canada) Plan? Confused! Need help!!!!?
  199. Galaxy S3 won't send texts unless connected too 4g... help?
  200. What Mobile Networks will a Rogers unlocked HTC EVO 4G work on?
  201. Where can I buy a Palm Pre phone?
  202. Umm, question about app costs...?
  203. Rogers call forward to at&t !?
  204. Iphone plans??????????????????help?
  205. Rogers online bill question?
  206. My cell phone keeps saying "emergency calls only"?
  207. How can I switch from Wind Mobile to Rogers or Bell?
  208. Xperia Play in Canada?
  209. Is it possible to get text message history via rogers?
  210. My nokia phone from Rogers is not sending text messages - phone calls are fine though. Help?
  211. can my parents (with rogers) see my texts that i send ? can they check all my texts not from my phone?
  212. View how many text sent on an iPhone 4?
  213. Is it possible to know the text messaging between two numbers in Rogers?
  214. Would I be charged for texting someone anywhere else in Canada?
  215. iPhone 4 Can't make calls but is still connected to company. (Rogers)?
  216. How can I unlock my IPhone 5?
  217. i have a samsung galaxy s2 - i need help please?
  218. How can I get a cell phone plan that is no longer available?
  219. How can I Unlock my jailbroken iPhone 4s for free?
  220. unregistered SIM. does this mean my phone is unlocked?
  221. Will I get roaming charges if I take my SIM card out and use my phone in the US?
  222. What site is safe to use to unlock an iPhone 4 locked to Rogers?
  223. If someone texts me from mexico with an international texting package am I still charged?
  224. Is my iPhone 5 unlocked?
  225. What are some good cell phone plans/packages that I can get in Quebec, Canada?
  226. Where i find this rogers commercial?
  227. How much is a replacement?
  228. How can I get the 6 GB super plan?
  229. What can I do to unlock my iPhone 4?
  230. Question regarding my iPhone 3gs.?
  231. Unlocked iphone - soft ware update- now doesn't turn on?
  232. Is there a charge for sending a text from canada to america?
  233. I don't have a SMS icon on my iPhone 5?
  234. which phone company is the most suitable for me?
  235. Rogers 100% monthly usage?
  236. Will an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 Work on Wind?
  237. KOODO mobile any good?
  238. how much does it cost to unlock a rogers iphone 5 and change it to bell?
  239. i have a 3 year cellphone contract with rogers, i had it since august of 2011.?
  240. Rogers cell phone plan / buying new phone question ? help!?
  241. Can i buy a iphone 4 locked to rogers if im with rogers and but my iphone 4 sim card in it?
  242. Will I get charged for sending text to my friend who is now in the US but is on my MY10 friendlist of Rogers?
  243. Will a Gevey Sim work with the Newest Firmware and Baseband?
  244. Question about a Rogers sim card?
  245. i want to buy a phone but?
  246. A question about rogers account online ?
  247. Rogers home number to wireless ?
  248. Can you put your Rogers Sim card in another phone locked to a different carrier? HELP?
  249. Rogers home number to wireless.?
  250. What is the cheapest data plan in Canada?