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  1. How can I get a Cellphone plan with bad credit (Canada)?
  2. If I owe Telus money, will other phone carriers like Bell, virgin, or Rogers deny me a phone plan?
  3. How to unlock nokia3710 provided by telus?
  4. Iphone 4s MMS to Android?
  5. How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 No Computer?
  6. Iphone related question , help please :)?
  7. Unlocked Rogers iPhone for telus?
  8. when does your cellular phone arrive after you buy it online from telus?
  9. is texting free all across canada?
  10. How to get 30dollars/month plan for Nexus 4?
  11. Iphone 5 unlock from telus to rogers?
  12. Is anyone having trouble with unlocking your telus phone?
  13. Lost my pin number to my prepaid phone help?
  14. Can you buy a phone on Telus.ca with debit?
  15. Can I update my 3 Year Telus Cell phone contract to the new 2 Year contracts?
  16. Telus Coverage? Do they use bell/rogers towers?
  17. How to unlock my iphone 4 which is not activated with original carrier?
  18. How to unlock Iphone 5 Free virgin mobile?!?
  19. Is This A Scam?? Kijiji?
  20. Virgin Mobile (Sony Xperia SP) Vs. Koodo (Nokia Lumia 520)?
  21. sim cards? samsung galaxy nexus?
  22. Telus Server Problem?
  23. Are there any cell phones out right now with a zoom feature you can use on any screen?
  24. Can someone help me with my iPhone?
  25. Are at&t galaxy s4's compatible with telus in canada (data)?
  26. How should I handle this situation with Telus?
  27. How would I get out of a contract and switch to another provider?
  28. How does apple care work?
  29. Any way to really block SMS on prepaid Android phone?
  30. How can I unlock my iphone 5 from Telus for cheap or free?
  31. How to bypass Telus installation process?
  32. Problem with Rogers and Telus?
  33. My iPhone wont connect to telus service?
  34. My phones being an ass?
  35. What is Wind mobile like?
  36. my dad can see my text messages?
  37. Can the casio g'zone commando be used on a different network?
  38. Does it cost money to text people?
  39. Can I text a different city without being charged extra? (Canada)?
  40. Samsung s2 HD lte volume problems?
  41. What is the list of songs when you hold client service Telus Canada?
  42. If i buy a iphone 5 from apple for 200usd locked can i unlock it in trinidad?
  43. Question about my phone?
  44. If someone calls you long distance do you have to pay?? Telus?
  45. Is there any good telus phone plans?
  46. Is it possible to change from 3g to 4g in the same contract for telus (going to united kingdom)?
  47. Telus plan help please? Unlimited texting?
  48. Texting cost long distance?
  49. Do I need to unlock the phone?
  50. help with rogers pay as you go?
  52. Can I switch my iPhone 4th generation to a Samsung S4. On a three year telus contract?
  53. Deleted a number by accedent?
  54. What will happen if i dont pay my cell phone bills in Toronto, Ontario(Rogers-Bell-Telus-Virgin)?
  55. If my phone got cut off (well, the texting plan expired), did the other person get my texts?
  56. will a iphone 4s with no data plan work koodo even if i bought the iphone from some were else?
  57. How much is telus unlimited texting?
  58. how much is telus unlimited texting?
  59. Do I need to buy a phone at the start of my contract?
  60. Telus Warranty, Iphone 5?
  61. So I accidentally bought a stolen phone...?
  62. can you get an iphone with pay as you go ?
  63. Canada no more 3 year cellphone contracts?
  64. help with a prepaid phone with telus!?
  65. My Telus prepaid account seems to say I have unlimited data, do I?
  66. Why couldn't I buy the phone when they had it in stock?
  67. Moving away from Rogers (Citifone) due to poor reception. Need alternatives.?
  68. Why couldn't I buy the phone when they had it in stock?
  69. How does this Telus contract work?
  70. Contract help? please & thank you!!?
  71. Is it possible not to pay cancellation fees?
  72. Are there any providers that can take over a Telus plan to get my business?
  73. Is Telus messaging2500, 2500 messages daily or monthly?
  74. Need information on telus mobility plans?
  75. How much do you think will cost to cancel a 3 year phone contract with Telus Mobility?
  76. Buying an iPhone? Help!?
  77. My telus cellphone isn't sending SMS am i the only one?
  78. Iphone question plz help?
  79. Is my Samsung Galaxy S2X unlocked?
  80. Rogers vs Bell vs Telus vs Wind vs Vrigin? - Markham?
  81. Cell phone help. iPhone? Of Samsung galaxy?
  82. How do I switch to pay as you go from a different account?
  83. Unlimited texting plan, telus?
  84. Phone replacement options with Telus?
  85. How do you deactivate an old phone and activate a new one?
  86. Can I do a special order with Samsung?
  87. Can I use the Samsung S4 M919 model in Canada?
  88. What 4G LTE band does Telus operates?
  89. Can I use the Samsung S4 i9505 version in Canada?
  90. How long do you have to back out of a Telus contract?
  91. Telus Samsung Galaxy S2 won't turn on?
  92. I bought a samsung galaxy s3 from craigslist, will it be compatible in any mobile providers (be specific)?
  93. I purchased an iphone 3gs unlocked from Rogers. Not sure who did it. I am using it on Telus.?
  94. iPhone on Prepaid Plan?
  95. Phone not letting me send texts & use data..?
  96. Telus Internet plan expired 3 days ago but still has connection?
  97. Telus contract was suppose to expire 3 days ago but still working?
  98. Telus contract was suppose to expire yesterday..we still have a connection toda?
  99. Why is my phone doing this...?
  100. Does this include data used for texting/calling?
  101. Can I use my Telus Prepaid balance to purchase games on Windows Phone?
  102. Unlock a lost phone? help?
  103. Is it free if I text someone from California when I live in Canada?
  104. Is the iPhone free with contract?
  105. anyone in cold lake alberta having problems with telus?
  106. How do Telus Family Data Share Plans Work?
  107. IPhone 4S keeps saying I have no service when I do?
  108. How to set up an iphone? also can they be on pay and talk?(telus)?
  109. A question about my iPhone 4 16g!?
  110. Can i just buy a sim card from Telus and put it in a new phone and be pay as you go?
  111. Best plan for my phone?
  113. First bill for Telus help?
  114. First bill with Telus confusing?
  115. Should I set up pre-authorized payments for my cellphone bill?
  116. Cell Phone plans from Canada to the US?
  117. Does a phone with the frequency, Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz work on rogers,bell,telus etc?
  118. i phone 4 sim problem?
  119. Galaxy sIII provider question?
  120. Can I get Blackberry push email with pay as you go?
  121. Can i upgrade to a new phone on my telus contract and still keep the same plan?
  122. Should I get the iPhone 4s or wait for the iPhone 5?
  123. Question concerning my contract with TELUS. iPhone 4 to iPhone 5.?
  124. What is Straight Talk for Cell phones?
  125. Telus iPhone 5 pre order!?
  126. iPhone 5 Question!!!!!?
  127. iPhone 4S Telus Network and Prepaid?
  128. how much is a 16gb iphone 4s in canada?
  129. which is better a telus android or a telus windows phone? I am talking about prepaid?
  130. How to get unlimited minutes and texts on a telus prepaid samsung galaxy ace q?
  131. I bought a blackberry bold off criags list?
  132. What happens if I canceled to my current contract will I be able to keep my current phone number?
  133. Quitting my telus contract on my Iphone 3gs?
  134. what are some good phone plans?
  135. Have to use 3G to use mobile network?
  136. Has Telus discontinued the prepaid Samsung Galaxy S2 X?
  137. Can I switch a phone from no term to month to month plan?
  138. about my cell phone! i switch from Rogers to Telus?
  139. How do I register my unlocked iPhone to a new carrier?
  140. What family phone plan is better -- Rogers, Bell, or Telus?
  141. Telus long distance texting plan?
  142. Will using iMessage cost me money under my provider new charge?
  143. Are the text messages from telus real?
  144. Are the text messages from telus free?
  145. Video calling question?
  146. Cant parents see my text messages?! PLEASE HELP ME?
  147. Does anyone have/had any issues with Telus?
  148. Galaxy Fascinate stuck in bootloop, please help?
  149. How Do You Root A Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3.6?
  150. How to unlock samsung galaxy discover (telus) for free?
  151. How is Telus as a cell phone provider, overall?
  152. Question about found galaxy s3?
  154. how much is it to terminate my 3 year contract with telus?
  155. Is Telus/Virgin mobile good phone carriers?
  156. Cellphone question plz help?
  157. if i have a telus iphone, that came from the TELUS STORE, would i still have to unlock it to make it prepaid?
  158. Cell phone question plz help?
  159. Cell phone question sony xperia plz help?
  160. 2 year contract or prepaid?
  161. What happens when you get a new phone?
  162. Samsung Galaxy S3 SMS timestamps and phone time aren't matched?
  163. Why does my cell phone account balance drain itself?
  164. what's a good dependable iphone 5 case?
  165. Android can't receive photos from iPhone 5?
  166. If Koodo has a phone cheaper than Telus, will they price match?
  167. Does telus offer ringback tones for iPhone?
  168. Which Canadian Cell Phone Carrier has the Best Rates?
  169. Bell Canada Mobile ETF Question?
  170. Bell Canada Mobile ETF Question?
  171. Problems with Carrier and iTunes?
  172. If I cancel my top-up-card cell phone for one year to use my brother's phone instead?
  173. Getting billed 200$ for data...my dad is gonna kill me?!?
  174. Why is my cellphone 911 fee almost four dollars?
  175. What's a good telus pay & talk phone to buy?
  176. My iPhone 4S says no service?
  177. Question about iphone, unlocking, SIM card?
  178. Is my Iphone 4s unlocked?
  179. Can you use Telus prepaid cards on Koodo?
  180. Jailbreaking an iPhone?
  181. Do Canadian Cell Phone Companies have buyout deals?
  182. Do Canadian Cell Phone Companies have buyout deals?
  183. IPhone 4S service provider change.?
  184. When the samsung galaxy s4 comes out can i just switch sim cards?
  185. I want to switch to telus but people say they are horrible?
  186. At&t iphone sim card question?
  187. My iPhone 3GS is unlocked in Canada and a SIM card in England says invalid?
  188. how do you play subway surfers on a telus Samsung galaxy s 4g fascinate?
  189. can you play subway surfers on a telus Samsung galaxy s fascinate 4g and if u cant how?
  190. Why isn`t my Android phone compatible with some apps within the Android market?
  191. Can I add an international number to my fave 10?
  192. Will Rogers match a Telus or Bell cell phone plan?
  193. Will Rogers match a Telus or Bell cell phone plan?
  194. Samsung S3 No Signal?
  195. Changing the number of rings before Message center picks up?
  196. buy out a Telus contract?
  197. UNLOCK CODES FOR CELLUR ?!!!!!!!!!!!?
  198. If i am with telus can i text anywhere in canada?
  199. Canadians with Wind mobile, any issues for you?
  200. Telus Samsung note work on wind after unlocked?
  201. can u put in rogers sim card in telus phone?
  202. How can I get a corporation iPhone plan?
  203. I want to get first smartphone. Need some guidence..?
  204. How to get a good phone plan from Telus?
  205. do you know Access Point Names configuration for unlocked Android phone?
  206. problem with cell phone?
  207. Samsung Galaxy Ace Q Charger broken?
  208. My Iphone is connected to my WiFi but Telus sent me a text saying ive used 95% of my Canadian data? Help!?
  209. Can I put my telus prepaid SIM card in any phone I want?
  210. Locating my lost phone ?
  211. How to change a device with Telus?
  212. I bought an iPhone 4S online they said it was unlocked but it wasn't. How to find out carrier?
  213. What's the best best cell provider in Canada?
  214. What's the best cell phone company?
  215. How to get a pay-as-you-go iPhone 4s?
  216. iPhone 5 SIM Card Holder?
  217. Iphone In Water !??!!? PLEASE HELP !?
  218. If i cancel my contract will I be able to use same phone with prepaid?
  219. What kind of cell phone should i get?
  220. how can i root a Samsung Galaxy S3 from telus?
  221. On the Telus website, how can I see which numbers I sent the most text messages to?
  222. How old do you have to be to have a cellphone in your name?
  223. How much is a cell phone bill?
  224. Do apps and music count as data?
  225. How much is your plan?
  226. Can I Change My Plan Before My Contract Ends?
  227. what is the NCK code for the inq chat 3g?
  228. About cell phone fees?
  229. How long will I get until telus cuts me off due to unpayed bill?
  230. What is the most reliable site i can use to unlock my iPhone 4s?
  231. Is Telus or Roger better?
  232. Is Telus or Rogers better in Hamilton Ontario?
  233. Why does my Samsung Galaxy s2x not connect to a network?
  234. Will Apple replace my iphone?
  235. Can I use my Prepaid Ufone sim (from Pakistan) in Canada ?
  236. will it cost money to text the us?
  237. Help with my telus phone? 10 points best answer?
  238. Is texting from canada to the U.S. free with Telus?
  239. Question about Telus?
  240. Where is 12 digit activation Code for telus prepaid?
  241. How to put minutes on a new jailbreak iphone?
  242. Unlocking iPhone 4: how does it work?
  243. Unlock iPhone 5 Canada Telus on iOS 6.0.2 Baseband 01.01.00?
  244. How much does Telus charges monthly?
  245. Telus or Koodo for a phone?
  246. Telus or Koodo for a phone?
  247. Is anyone else's iphone 4 having no service issues?
  248. Can any phone with Telus be used with Pre-Paid services and is there a website where I can view them all?
  249. Can I get a Telus SIM card put into my Samsung Galaxy S?
  250. Can you change a Telus phone to Sasktel?