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  1. can this person track my cell number?
  2. What are some possible reasons why the other person couldn't hear what I'm saying (on cell phone)?
  3. how to convince my mom into buying me a iphone 5?
  4. What does it mean for an iphone to be locked with fido?
  5. Will the Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus work with FIDO's prepaid SIM cards if i get it unlocked?
  6. How to replace recorded name with phone number in voice mail.?
  7. Fido. tellus. bell. which is better?
  8. How much would it Cost to upgrade my iphone 4 to 5s on fido?
  9. How can I activate a second hand iPhone 4S without the right sim card?
  10. Fido sending me an app request on my phone everyday....when I click it, it gives error.?
  11. Do i have to pay off my fido bills before switching cell phone companies?
  12. If I buy a phone from ebay with a bad ESN, can I use it for other carriers?
  13. Why does Fido have terrible prepaid phones?
  14. How much are iPhones on Fido prepaid?
  15. my nexus 4 takes forever to send pictures!?
  16. Which is better - Fido, Telus or Rogers?
  17. Fido wireless customers! Do you like your services? Why/why not?
  18. Is There Any Way To Factory Unlock An iPhone Locked to Telus Canada?
  19. Can I set a Rogers phone up with Fido?
  20. prepaid fido plan for iphone questions?
  21. What Are Some Good, Cheap Mobile Phone Plans?
  22. Is Virgin Mobile a good carrier?
  23. Where can I find my fido dollars on my internet account? How much would a iPhone w/o the plan cost?
  24. Will a Koodo Nokia Lumia 520 work on Fido's network?
  25. Does the s3 from fido have quad core?
  26. How do I activate my fido phone?
  27. How to leave my voicemail signature blank?
  28. Does fido still have the iphone 4 offer?
  29. can i fight a cell phone bill i got when i was 18?
  30. I have a question about Fido pay-as-you-go. Can anyone help me?
  31. Texting problem? HELP plz I fan?
  32. Specific friends don't receive my texts, but I receive theirs?
  33. Which prepaid cell phone provider should I go with (Ontario, Canada)?
  34. iPad 3G won't connect to fido network?
  35. Will fido text me if I'm about to go over data?
  36. What is the best cell phone company in Canada?
  37. How do I get a cheaper plan from Rogers Wireless?
  38. Help Unlocking my IPHONE to Rogers?
  39. best phone providers?
  40. Will my Fido $35 prepaid plan be active when I travel to the states?
  41. Which is better for a student on a budget, Fido or Bell? Note I live in Alberta?
  42. Fido cell phone warranty?
  43. question about cellphones with fido?
  44. how can i unlock my iphone 4 for free?
  45. how to unlock my iphone4?
  46. How much is an iPhone 4 now in Canada?
  47. IPhone 4S Sprint Unlocking?
  48. Trying to order a Canadian cell phone?
  49. How to unlock a Iphone 4?
  50. Can you buy a iPhone 5 at fido and use it at wind mobile?
  51. Fido tab36 help please?
  52. Help with fido plan question? 10points?
  53. Buying a Phone and I have confusion about locked vs. unlocked?
  54. How come my iphone 5 became locked to the first sim i put in?
  55. How much to switch from fido to koodo?
  56. Samsung galaxy: Contacts not visible?
  57. Koodo vs Fido? Whos Better?
  58. What is a Fido credit limit?
  59. What is a Fido credit limit?
  60. Good phone plans in B.C?
  61. Which Canadian carrier should I go to?
  62. how much will i pay for international incoming calls? FIDO?
  63. Is Fido a good phone company to go to?
  64. Can I get on a fido plan if I from the u.s.?
  65. How do you active a phone on fido?
  66. i need a fake phone #?
  67. Which cell phone provider works best in North Bay, Ontario?
  68. Buying a phone at Best Buy ?? HELP?
  69. do iphone apps show up on plan?
  70. What is anytime minutes on Fido?
  71. Android phones and Fido, can I switch sim cards?
  72. I want to trade in my samsung galaxy s3 t999V version for a samsung galaxy s3 Fido, will they accept it?
  73. why wont my samsung galaxy ace 2 x send texts?
  74. How to make iphone 5 work in turkey?
  75. Does fido cell service work in Muskoka?
  76. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock?
  77. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock?
  78. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock?
  79. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock?
  80. How does roaming charges work?
  81. What does unlimited international texting mean ?
  82. Hi I want a new phone badly?
  83. Will i have to change my cell phone plan (canada)?
  84. How to check data limits on your phone ?
  85. No service or Emergency calls only on S3?
  86. can you use a visa debit for getting a phone with a company such as fido telus koodo?
  87. Koodo Rogers chatr or fido?
  88. Getting a mobile or using my own mobile phone in a different country?
  89. Fido Samsung Android Slidephones?
  90. Phone unlocking for a good price in richmond?
  91. problems with nokia X2?
  92. Best texting phone (not a smart-phone though)?
  93. Will my Fido phone work with Telus?
  94. Question about Phone contract?
  95. Can i use a standard plan with a blackberry?
  96. whats the cellphone plan in canada?
  97. Best Phone Carrier in Canada?
  98. Fido cell coverage in Thunder Bay?
  99. Data Charges For FIDO?
  100. Samsung Galaxy Ace llx Micro sd card?
  101. can i send a new phone to canada?
  102. With Fido is there anyway to get your monthly bill texted to you?
  103. What is a fido $100 data retention plan?
  104. Can I buy a new phone?
  105. How do I sell a cell phone quick?
  106. Sim card for an Iphone 4?
  107. cell phone contracts?
  108. smaller cell phone companies in canada?
  109. How much does an iPhone 4S cost a month approximately?
  110. Do you know any Internet usernames and passwords for fido sony ericsson?
  111. iPhone 4/ Android Phone Question. Response needed ASAP please!?
  112. Can I buy a phone from Amazon.com and use it in Canada?
  113. why fido charged me $500 for using Kakao talk?
  114. Its 3/KB and i have used 325MB please tell me how much i will be paying!!?
  115. cheapest sim card available?
  116. Any Wind Mobile user in Canada?
  117. Can I buy an unlocked phone from somewhere and bring it to another carrier?
  118. How is Virgin's phone coverage in the Waterloo region compared to Fido's?
  119. PLEASE help - need info for iPhone 4 unlock?
  120. My Sony Xperia phone's touch screen broke?
  121. What is the best way to unlock an iPhone5 locked to FIDO canada?
  122. What American cellphone provider is coming to Canada and when?
  123. FIDO. Agreement cancellation.?
  124. Switching to a Samsung Galaxy S2 from an Iphone 4?
  125. What is the restriction code for Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic?
  126. How do I get a cell phone plan?
  127. can i unlock a fido iphone 3g to work with bell?
  128. How about the carrier 'Fido' in Canada?
  129. FIDO phone question!?
  130. How do I activate my iPhone 4s?
  131. When going to get my Iphone replaced, what do I need to bring to the Apple store?
  132. What phone can you get on a standard plan for fido?
  133. Would it work if I cut my Fido sim card into iPhone 4S?
  134. Getting out of cellphone contract? (Service sucks) Canada?
  135. Cheap phone that is compatible with the apps 'WhatsApp' and 'Tango'?
  136. Can I keep the same cell number If I change companies?
  137. Can you put a fido sim card in a mobilicity phone?
  138. Can your parents get your texts?
  139. How to Unlock My iPhone 3G?
  140. What Carriers Will The Nokia Lumia 710 Work On In Canada?
  141. Can i buy a fido phone without contract?
  142. How do i make my phone work?
  143. Someone mugged me and is using my Galaxy S3?
  144. My iPhone doesn't have a contract?
  145. What other company looked phones can you use on mobilicity plans pls help ?
  146. I just got a bb 9790 with 200 mb of data, will it be enought?
  147. Iphone Help Please ? :/?
  148. who can unlock my iphone 5 with fido?
  149. Rogers to Fido switch? (Canada)?
  150. How do you access voicemail with FIDO?
  151. Does anybody know how to unlock an iPhone 4S with Fido for free?
  152. Virgin Mobile Canada?
  153. A few jailbreak questions?
  154. Fido, Koodo, or Virgin? Suggestions?
  155. where can you get a pay as you go sim card in edmonton?
  156. how much is the charge when you go over the talk limit on fido?
  157. Can i buy a galaxy s3 from fido and activate it with wind?
  158. How can I use my iPhone 5 in another country?
  159. Who I the best cell phone provider?
  160. can i use prepaid plans on the iphone 5?
  161. Cheapest data plan with Wind?
  162. can i switch to another service?
  163. Does walmart have Fido sim cards?
  164. Can you switch to another service plan?
  165. Fido lied to me when I signed a 3 year contract?
  166. How to delete network operators on my Galaxy S III?
  167. What's a good phone to upgrade to?
  168. How much does it cost to activate a Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Gio on fido?
  169. How much is it to unlock a fido iphone 4s from gsmliberty.com? Oh and is it guaranteed?
  170. IPhone 4s question???
  171. Will a unlocked Bell iPhone 5 work with a Fido SIM?
  172. Best place to purchase phone?
  173. iphone 4s wont send imessage :(?
  174. How much would it cost to cancel my cell phone plan?
  175. Can Mobilicity phone work with Bell or Rogers?
  176. Which mobile company?
  177. My phone says I have an incoming call from the person I'm talking to?
  178. What happens if I put my Fido sim card in a phone I buy off the internet?
  179. How long will I wait for my Iphone 4 unlock?
  180. I had my Iphone 4 locked to fido so I ask for an unlock, They said 5-15 days but its still locked its the 21st?
  181. Fido Iphone 4 contract?
  182. will a south korean galaxy s3 sk version work in canada under rogers or fido?
  183. Will a south korean galaxy s3 sk version work in canada under rogers or fido?
  184. does it make sense having a 100mb data plan if you use your own internet?
  185. Can I change phone or OS if I have a 2 years contract ?
  186. Fido Add-on: Unlimited text 50 cents per day?
  187. If I buy a phone from amazon/ebay, can I still have a plan with any cellphone company?
  188. Iphone 4s UNLOCK v6.0.1 ? Please help!?
  189. How can I get a COMPLETE Fido (Canada) phone account history?
  190. Is the Sharp SH-7218u working with KOODO?
  191. I Phone locked until end of contract?
  192. Can i use a fido sim for a rogers note 2?
  193. fido customer relation email?
  194. how to unlock blackberry 9700 from my service providers?
  195. Do all phones have the same sim card?
  196. Can I use my Telus sim card in my new Fido phone?
  197. SimCard Activation for United States?
  198. Will my Blackberry curve work in Italy?
  199. Upgrading my Blackberry Curve to an iPhone 4s but can I stay on the same plan & contract?
  200. Cheapest phone company for iphone data/call/text plans?
  201. How can i officially install 4.1 Jelly Bean?
  202. How can I get out of a wireless contract with Rogers?
  203. Do i have to get a data plan for htc desire c?
  204. Is this phone plan worth it?
  205. what fido phone is best?
  206. Does rogers iphone work with fido sim card?
  207. iPhone 4 unlocked question!?
  208. HELP! I'm locked out of my phone!?
  209. Does MMS (Multimedia Messanging Service) cost extra?
  210. If i buy a Blackberry 9900 from Mobilicity, could it be used on fido network?
  211. why does my internet data run out so fast?
  212. Can I transfer or cancel my plan from rogers and go to fido?
  213. best plan to buy iphone 5 with?
  214. what Canadian smart phone plan do you have and how much do you pay?
  215. i have an iphone 5 with fido, i was wondering if i message is free?
  216. Can I buy a phone from a different carrier?
  217. Why doesn't Safari or Mail work on my iPhone 3GS?
  218. Will it charge me to call this number?
  219. What is the FIDO Account Maintenance Agreement?
  220. does fido require you to have a dataplan with the current samsung galaxy nexus at 0$ for a 2 year term?
  221. Lg phone without sim card?
  222. Best mid-range Android phone?
  223. Does Fido's Samsung Galaxy come unlocked?
  224. What do I do with my Fido Dollars?
  225. Transfering phone number and phone question?
  226. Use Iphone 3g Without Sim Card? Problem or Not?
  227. I have a Nexus S that works with Fido, is it possible for me to get the $35 plan without contract
  228. hey im buying a kin one I need help
  229. cost anything to switch phones on Fido
  230. Fido Dollar useless now
  231. $35 Unlimited CityFido plan cover MMS
  232. Cell that works on all (or most) Canadian networks
  233. Phonezoo and Fido Phones
  234. fido sim card work in a koodo phone
  235. hook up an unlocked phone to any phone plan
  236. i lost my fido sim is it free to get another one with the same number
  237. the best canadian cell phone company
  238. Lost my fido sim card for iphone 4
  239. buy a Rogers prepaid phone and put a Fido sim card in it
  240. see the name of a person calling without caller ID
  241. to unlock restriction code
  242. sell my cell phone to a cellphone provider
  243. Rogers data share plan
  244. is my Nexus s roaming
  246. Does Fido have system access fee
  247. Fido, Best Buy, and Future Shop give you for a White iPhone 3Gs 16GB
  248. a Fido Nexus s from best buy on a 3-year contract without getting a data plan
  249. cost money to reply to TextPlus with Fido's unlimited text messaging plan
  250. What do about this problem