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: I have a s3 and ive had it for about a month and a half. I hate it so much because calls don't go through and the battery barely last 10-12 hours with little usage. since tmobile no longer has 2 year contracts does that mean I can get a new phone whenever? and is the iphone a good choice regarding battery life

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: lmao

#1) calls... thats a network issue. Not a gs3 issue. gotta love tmobile

#2) 10-12 hours battery life... thats awesome... regular is 6-8....

#3) you can get a phone anytime you want, as long as you pay the down payment and accept the phone fee/note of $20-$50 (depending on phone offer) added to your monthly bill

#4) the iphone is a horrrible choice if your looking for a battery lasting longer than 12 hours... May I suggest a flip phone or a Quick Messanging device with a qwerty keyboard? Something that doesnt need to be charged 2-3 times a day....... that negates android, iphone, windows, Blackberries, and palms... lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!................ also, drop call issue... may I suggest Verizon?

tmobile... the company dieing to get out of the USA.... you get what you pay for... :-)
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