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: okay so i got a new phone, i wanna say two, three months ago. it's a Samsung Android 4.1.2. I put my micro sdcard from my old phone into the new phone. so far it's been fine until a few days ago. i got the message: sdcard is damaged. Try reformatting. THE HECK? i inserted my phone's usb into my laptop and i opened the internal storage folder where my pictures and songs from the NEW phone popped up. the problem is, my pictures from the OLD phone did not show. so i'm wondering, if i reformat my phone, will it just delete the photos and music from my new phone or will it delete both the new photos AND the old photos?? because my old photos didn't show up and i'm afraid that if i reformat they will get deleted. what do you guys think? please help because i have been sending my old photos to my email, my google plus, i've been trying it all just to save these photos :(
also another reason why i am wondering if the old photos will get deleted is because when i took pictures on my old phone they would go to a folder called CAMERA. when i took the sdcard out and put it in the new phone, i took a picture and the photo made a whole NEW folder with the same name CAMERA. that's why i'm wondering are the old photos even a part of this sdcard???

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: no my old photo cannot deleted because it is expeness
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