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: So I want to call a friend, and we live on opposite ends of Canada (BC-Ontario)

I have free long distance to anywhere in Canada in my plan but my friend doesn't have any free long distance with theirs

I know if they call me, they will be charged
But if I call them, will either of us get charged?
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: I think you mean you pay money for a plan that includes long distance.
I'm in Quebec and we both know how the big three have their hand in our wallets.
I found some nice alternatives. I have family in Ontario and call them using one of these two free apps.
The first one is the "Magic Jack" app for iPhone & Android. It allows free unlimited calls 24/7 anywhere in North America.
The second is GV Phone (Google Voice Phone). If you have a Gmail or Google account you can make free 24/7 North American calls either through your computer or by installing the GV Phone aapp in your cell phone.
In GMail look in the bottom left corner for a phone icon.
Magic Jack gives you a call back number and voice mail, but each person has a different call back number.
Also these two apps are great for making local calls as well when you don't want to use up your daily minutes.
Also when you call long distance the person on the other end is not charged long distance. But iff they are using a cell phone during the time when they are being charged daytime week day minutes on a cell phone, then they will lose local daytime minutes, but not long distance.

If google voice gives you a problem use Magic Jack no hassle.
I can't find the MO+ GV Phone app I have installed any where, can't remember how I found it.
Any way if you have success you can cancel your "Free" (paid for) part of your plan.
BTW both these work off WIFI, don't use your Data plan minutes.
If you look through the app store you will find free texting like the #1 service "WhatsApp"
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: then contact them in net service because it will cost less in every place.
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