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: I have a Rooted Nexus 4 on 4.4.2 . I am on the stock ROM and have Never tampered with the framework (I,e, Xposed Framework, Flashing custom Roms or anything of that nature).

I have Clockworkmod Recovery installed and I'm thinking of updating to 4.4.3 . I want to update to the official Firmware from Google BTW, no customs.

If and when I flash the 4.4.3 zip file to my device via Terminal on my computer, will my device be factory wiped to stock?

Bonus question:
Can't I just install the 4.4.3 update straight from recovery mode in clockworkmod recovery?

2nd Bonus question:

If for whatever reason, I lose root access prior to updating to 4.4.3,
Can I still flash the update via. Recovery mode? From PC + Terminal OR Clockworkmod Recovery installer?

Thanks devs and hackerz!!! >:)

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: Please post your question in the correct Category for Cell phones: Consumer Electronics.

That's where all the Android Rooting Experts hang out.

And then, please delete your question from this Software Category.

TIP: "Rooted" Mobiles are way too complex for the average Software Category User.
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