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: I broke my Nexus 4, it dropped and the screen cracked. I cannot press or do anything on the screen and it is locked with a key pattern. However, Im gettting text messages and snapchats still and I can see when someone calls but I can't do anything about it and I want to be able to see my texts and what not. I can do it with android screen cast however the USB dubugging is not on so my efforts so far have my futile. And since I do not have USB debugging on I'm having problems using the android screencast from ( ). I have everything working from the following link however when I type in adb shell into the cmd it gives me the "error: device not found". And I believe thats happening because USB debugging is not on. How can I get around this? Is it possible? I searched for hours in forums, google, etc, and I keep coming back to the same spot. Anybody out there able to help me? Im doing everything right with the android screen cast - thats not the problem! I know the phone needs to be rooted. Many thanks in advance.

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: Sorry but there's nothing that you can do if the screen is bad. Without it working, you can't even root since you would need adb at best (if there even is a way to do it via adb). There's no other way to enable debugging. Best option would be to have the screen replaced.
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