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: I started using Android phones in 2011. Back then I had the option of moving apps to the SD card but if I downloaded a large game such as N.O.V.A 2 the obb file would already be written to the SD card by default.

So this morning I upgraded my phone to Kitkat. Seemed like a nice idea at the time. Then I was using a third party camera app and it says "Kitkat cannot save to SD card". I'm using ES File Explorer and I can't cut and paste in the SD card so I have to use the built in file explorer.

So if I can't use the SD card for anything at all, why is it that Android phones have SD card slots?

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: Google made the SD Card write changes in version 4.4... mostly because their Nexus devices don't have SD Card slots... and that's because, it's rumored, they want people to spend money with their cloud/streaming services.

Android phones have SD Card slots, I think, because of monetary/profit reasons. For example, it would be cheaper for Samsung to release a tablet with 16GB and an SD Slot that can hold up to 128GB instead of just releasing a tablet with 128GB like what Apple would do...

As far as the restriction goes... Only 3rd Party apps that you install have that restriction. The apps that are pre-installed with the device are able to write to the card.

As to what the card can be used for... The majority of people with SD Cards use it to keep their media files on... like Photos, Videos and Music... Your preinstalled Camera app will save to it... File Managers from the Play Store can't... but the File Manager that came with your device CAN. What I used to do is... just connect the USB cable to my computer and copy over files manually onto the card...

Well, there is an app in the Play Store called SD Fix that will allow you to have write to your SD Card like you were able to do in previous versions of Android... the app is FREE... but you have to be Rooted to run it...
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: Not all do & those that do are there to give the option of expandable memory, mostly though for media, not apps.
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: only uses the phones memory
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