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: Hey guys,

I've bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 for my father and I have a couple of questions before setting it up for him. (I've always had/used Apple products myself; so please excuse my ignorance to Android).

- What account needs to be set up in order for him to access the App Store and download/purchase apps?

- Does it need to be a Google account? Or can an alternate email be used for setup (for example, my father already has a Hotmail account which he uses regularly).

If you have any other tips/tricks for setup or regularly use then please feel free to notify me of them.

Thanks in advance, have a good day!
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: The App Store on Android devices such as the Galaxy S5 is called the Play Store. In order to access the Play Store, you will need to sign into a Google account on the device, and yes it does need to be a Google account. A Samsung account is not required if that helps.
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: You should handle your device after carefully reading instructions.You should better make an account ID of Google.All others problems would be solved.
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