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: Okay, so this morning I was in a rush leaving my bus and didn't notice that my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (I know - how did I not notice something so huge?) fell out of my pocket.

I decided to let the next bus driver know that I had left my phone on the previous bus. He contacted the rest of the drivers and none has said that they had retrieved any phones. The bus was also checked. When I tried to call it, it was switched off.

I also believed that this phone was insured as a family member had promised to get it insured. However, this wasn't the case.

Is there any way I could get my phone back?
Just in case it's relevant: it was a Pay As You Go phone.
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: call the carrier to track it with gps.
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: I am afraid you need to have a tracking app like plan b, find my android and mobile spy of GPS location feature ( on the phone in order to locate where it is.
You may try to contact your carrier and ask them for help.
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: android has a built in "find my phone" feature now...hopefully it was activated.

check here:

if the phone is turned on, you will be able to locate it, lock it with a password, wipe the phone, and even send a message to it so the person that has the phone would be able to take action (if you have any faith in humanity, put another number to be reached at and see if they call)

outside of that, there isn't much you can do to find it unless you have another app that lets you track your phone already installed.
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: Hopefully you had one of these installed and didn't remove it. These are tracking apps designed for such an issue. You can lock or even remote-erase if needed.
Go under Find my Mobile section
Or use Android's link.
Best luck.
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: First, its a bit crazy you didn't notice that big a thing fell out your pocket. Otherwise, did you have an app similar to Apple's Find my Phone. You can keep trying to call it. Hope someone found it and keep calling. Or trace it.You can ask the NSA too, they know where everyone is.
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: First of all phone your provider to block it. it will then be useless. Phone the Police, someone might hand it in.
Nothing more you can do.
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